Scheduling Screenshot Capture Time

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Scheduling Screenshot Capture Time

A top requested feature for Stillio is the possibility to indicate at what time of day a screenshot should be taken. We are happy to announce that this is now possible.

Sometimes it’s important at what time a screenshot is taken. For example when you have specific publishing times and want Stillio to capture right after publication of new content. Or you want screenshots to be taken at 10am so you know what the site looked like at the start of a day. Or maybe you have to prove proper publication at a specific time for sponsored content. Whatever the reason is. It’s now possible to schedule screenshots with Stillio. This is how it works.

Select your timezone

Since the scheduling depends on your local timezone, you have to make sure your timezone settings are correct.

  • Login to your Stillio account.
  • Go to your account settings. Click on your username/email address in the top navigation bar.
  • Selecting account settings
  • There’s a “Set timezone” option on the page.
  • Select your timezone and click the “Set timezone” button.

Now you can set your screenshots capture time.

Set the screenshot capture time

Every web page you track can be scheduled at a specific time.

  • Go to “Screenshots” in the top navigation bar and select the web page you want to schedule.
  • Click “Change preferences”
  • There’s a “Screenshot time” option on the page.
  • Set the hour and quarter that you want the screenshots to be taken. (Notice: Quarters are used because of slight time differentations)
  • Click “Save changes”

You’re ready. The next screenshots will be taken at the scheduled time of day.

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