Automatic Screenshots

How to automate website screenshots?

Scheduling automatic screenshots replaces the effort of doing it manually which is time consuming and expensive. When it becomes a need to capture multiple pages, automation is the best and only option. Automated screenshots capture URLs are made available as image files which it can be stored offline.

There are many desktop tools already available to create instant screenshots, but only manually. Now, as a solution to this tiring perfunctory job of recording a screenshot manually, you may want to automate this. Our service captures the screenshots and makes them accessible in your account. Stillio is very easy to use, just create an account, enter the address of the web page once and set the scheduling.

Screenshot frequency settings

Stillio simplifies the web archiving process by scheduling screenshot captures at any frequency of your desire. This setting even allows you to mix up different scheduling setting as per your need like daily screenshots of the homepage, weekly screenshots for key landing pages, monthly captures of pages that don't change often or yearly archives for seldom changing pages, Stillio screenshots everything for you. The most popular or constantly updating (news) pages can also be recorded as screenshots multiple times per hour.

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