Scheduling your screenshot captures

With Stillio, you can "set and forget" capturing web screenshots at any regular interval. You only need to define the first capture time and date and the repeat interval and Stillio takes care of the rest.

How to set the capture frequency

When you add or edit a web page in your account, you can select your desired scheduling here:

capture frequency

Available capture options

The frequency capture options that are currently available depend on your subscription plan.

  • All current plans (including the free trial) provide daily screenshots or less frequently like every week or monthly screenshots. If you want a custom interval you can select the bottom option to schedule screenshots as desired. For example, every 3 days, every 2 weeks or every 12 months.
  • If you need high frequency captures*, like every hour, every few hours, or even up to every 5 minutes, our Top Shot plan offers it all.

* If you just need one or a few pages to be captured more than once a day, and the Top Shot plan is out of your budget, there is a workaround: You can pick one of the other plans, like the Hot Shot plan with 25 URLs but limited to daily captures. If you add the same URL more than once, but at a different capture time, it practically offers you multiple screenshots per day. You can even have it capture hourly screenshots if you add the same URL 24 times, with 1 hour scheduled in between.

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