Share captured URLs and screenshots

You can share screenshots privately with colleagues, team members, customers or with everyone else if you want to.

Enable sharing

  1. Select the Webpage from the main page of your account by clicking on its name or thumbnail
  2. Click the Share button as shown below
enable sharing

Share individual webpage screenshots

To enable sharing, select "Sharing On" and click Save Settings.

Next, you can share 3 variations of the deep link, whichever is most convenient to the recipient:

  • All screenshots - This URL shows the index page with thumbnails for the webpage;
  • Latest screenshot - This URL is the deep link to the most recent screenshot ;
  • Specific date - This URL is the deep link to the screenshot of a specific date, by adding the date in the format yyyymmdd to the end of the URL. Be aware that if no screenshot exists for that specific date, an error will be shown.

⚠️ All 3 options contain the URL for "All screenshots". So you cannot limit sharing just one single screenshot, as it will always allow the recipient to view all screenshots for this webpage.

individual screenshot sharing
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