Use Stillio API to fetch screenshots and URLs

Stillio provides an API to access your URLs and screenshots. This allows you to get image deep links to be able to embed them in your own application(s).

Note 1: Using the API requires technical knowledge and programming skills. We do not provide support to your own applications that make use of our API.
Note 2: The API is designed for server-to-server calls only and does not support browser/client side calls. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is not possible.
Note 3: Currently it only possible to fetch URLs and screenshots. Other actions to manage your data (add, edit and delete) might be added later but is not yet supported.

Steps to take to make use of our API:

  1. Create a private token
  2. Use the token to fetch your data

Create a private token

You need a private token to authenticate yourself to our API. This token needs to be added to each API request, to validate access to your data. To create a token you need to:

  1. Go to API in your settings

  2. Choose a Token Name for your own reference. You may create multiple tokens, so they should help you identify which is which. The Token itself will be shown after you click Create.
  3. Click Create
    Important: The token will only be shown once, so be sure to copy and store it safely. For obvious reasons our token in the example image is pixelated :-)
  4. After closing the window you see your token by it's chosen name. You may change the name or delete the token to disable it. Remember that you can always create a new one if you like.

Use token to fetch your data

Now that you have an API token, you may use that to access your screenshots and URLs outside the main Stillio app. For example, you can create your own webpage and embed the screenshots that have been created by Stillio. 

Current API version (v3)

The current API version is version 3. Please check our Stillio API v3 documentation.
If you start using our API, only use version 3 and not the deprecated v1 below.
Please ignore everything below this line.

Legacy API (v1 - deprecated)

The information below is deprecated and only for reference for anyone using the version 1 API.

⚠️ API v1 will remain active until Dec 31, 2019. After that date, it may stop working at any moment without further announcement.

Get a list of your URLs

To get a list of your URLs, use the following base url where you replace YOUR-TOKEN by the actual token you created. Optionally you may add extra parameters to limit the number of URLs that are returned (default: 1000, max: 1000) or change the sort order (default: desc)

Base URL
Limit (optional) Number between 1 and 5000. (Default: 250)
Sort (optional) asc or desc. (Default: desc)


Example URL to fetch the oldest 3 URLs in your account (replace YOUR-TOKEN with actual token):

The returned result set contains an array with the URLs, their ID (needed for fetching screenshots) and the creation date.

Get the screenshots for a certain URL

When you know the unique ID of a URL you can use the API to fetch its screenshots. You can get the URL ID from the API call mentioned above, or by checking the URL in your address bar when you're logged in and have a certain URL selected.

This is your what your URL ID looks like (marked in red):

Base URL
Limit (optional) Number between 1 and 1000. (Default: 1000)
Sort (optional) asc or desc. (Default: desc)


Example URL to fetch the latest screenshot for a certain URL (replace YOUR-TOKEN and URL-ID with actual data):

The returned result set contains the path to the full-size screenshot (screenshot_image), the path to the thumbnail (screenshot_image_small) and the created date of the screenshot.

Having problems using the API?

We recommend using the app  Postman to test your API calls. If you get anything else than a correct JSON result set (for example, a bunch of HTML), you probably have a SPACE or a TYPO in your call. Please double check your request URL. If you keep having issues, please email us your API URL that's not working, including your unique token.

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