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6 use cases for frequent website screenshots

Use Stillio to build an archive, track competitors, track seo rankings, verify ads, monitor copyright infringements, track trends, etc., etc.

Website archiving

Organisations are increasingly aware of their online heritage. Daily screenshots help build a pixel-perfect archive of websites and social media channels.

Competition tracking

Competitors are optimizing their websites and social media channels too. And they publish all kinds of promotions. Stay well informed with daily screenshots.

Content verification

When you publish sponsored content on your website you have to prove proper publication. Daily screenshots help convince advertisers.

Trend tracking

Leaderboards, website speed, Alexa rankings, follower counts, top lists, etc. etc. Track everything the easy way and collect valuable data and insights.

SEO tracking

See how your webpages really rank in search engines. Get the whole picture about organic results, paid results, local maps and product images.

Website compliance

Websites and social media channels are considered official publications. Daily screenshots help satisfy regulatory demands.

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All screenshots are neatly archived by url and domain. And you can use tags to organize screenshots the way you want.


Share screenshots and insights easily with co-workers. Download monthly zip archives.

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