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Automate website screenshots to save time on brand management

The web is ephemeral. Web pages change all the time, and if data is not saved, previous versions are lost forever. Preserve your brand today by creating your online heritage with your own web archive.



Manage your brand with website screenshots

This is Elena, from, a coupon website. Recently, the CEO asked her to create a web archive of their online presence in order to manage the brand. This sounded like a very complicated task, but it no longer is thanks to the screenshot tool of Stillio!

Using Stillio, Elena is now able to create their own ready-to-access web archive within minutes. Elena can save as much data as required. Also, if needed, these screenshots can be shared with team members too.

Here Is How Stillio Can Help You Manage Your Brand and Preserve Your History

Keep track of what’s changed and when

Digital content is your asset and you want to keep track of all the changes over time. Using Stillio’s screenshot services, you can create a permanent, readily-accessible web archive to monitor historical data of your website.

Know what’s being said about your brand

You can't participate in a conversation that you don’t know is happening. Keep an eye on what your customers are saying about you. From tracking mentions via Twitter screenshots to finding Google news around your brand, Stillio will be your partner throughout. Additionally, it also helps to keep a close eye on the first page of Google results when your brand name is searched.

Monitor your online reputation

You need to actively listen to both the good and the bad in order to maintain your reputation. One positive or negative customer review has the power to turn the tables around. But brand monitoring can be pretty difficult at times. Use Stillio to take timely screenshots of any update that involves your brand. Once you have made the set-up, screenshots of your website reviews are automatically saved and can be easily analysed in future.

Build a memory for future uses by researchers and historians

Your website data plays a crucial role in your decision-making process. But if you are not preserving this data, it is doomed to be lost. With Stillio web archiving solution, you can create a memory that can be used by the next generation of researchers and historians.

Preserve prior state of your website

Due to the informal social media feeds and frequent news updates, a huge pile of data gets lost over the years. With Stillio, you can preserve every prior state of your website along with the short-lived content. Allow Stillio to build your own web archive thus ensuring that any part of your historical records doesn’t get lost.

Create a pixel-perfect memory of your expressions

Like a photo album that you can check and refer to whenever needed, you must save your web content for the future too. Having a pixel-perfect memory of your journey is extremely valuable, and Stillio ensures that you make one.

Keep an eye on your performance over time for better decision-making

That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all lessons of history - Aldous Huxley.

Using Stillio, you ensure your online presence and its historical data always stay in front of you so that you can make better strategies. Whether it concerns your social media following or previous web content, check your standings over regular intervals in one click with Stillio.

Maintain your brand heritage

Monitor, preserve and create your brand value with Stillio’s automated website screenshot service. Stillio acts as your personal web archive to keep a record of your online presence. It helps you provide 24/7 access to the past resources for smooth future processes.

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