Website Compliance

Still Ignoring Website Compliance? Think Again!

Your website and social media channels are official government publications. One mistake and your competitors and customers will not spare you. Stillio gives you an upper hand backing you with solid evidence in the form of screenshots.



Case Study

This is Martha, she handles the legal department of, a coupon website.

A few months back, Martha faced an issue where a customer sued them for $5,000. The customer used an expired coupon that was no longer supported by their website.

With Stillio’s automated website screenshot feature, they had the required evidence they needed to win the case. They easily won the case and saved both their reputation and their hard-earned money.

Stillio ensures that you don’t have to get your hands dirty doing all the manual work. The easily accessible portal ensures that your archival process is completely automatic and hassle-free, stored externally and independently for security and reliability.

Here’s How Stillio Can Help You Fight Your Legal Battles

Capture screenshots as evidence

Protecting your brand is crucial to ensure its reputation and integrity. Ensure this by capturing evidence in the form of timely screenshots of every brand activity you perform.

Historical data at your fingertips

As your website is the official touchpoint for users, all of its records must be available on the go. Keeping a record comes in handy during legal proceedings and makes sure you are on the winning side.

Meet regulatory requirements without any complications

Things can go wrong at any time. You must have trusted records of exactly what was available online on your website at any particular time or for any particular duration. With print screen app Stillio, you can capture printscreens, preserve your content and also deliver the archive to any auditor whenever needed.

Stay prepared for litigation processes

From startups to MNCs, no business is completely free from the risk of litigation. Stillio helps you produce and access your website and social media information in no time, thus cutting the risk and costs associated.

Protect your business against false claims

Even the strongest brands are no longer safe from becoming the victim of false claims. Make your arguments much more effective with the right evidence.

Starting at $29/m

Start capturing website screenshots automatically and save a lot of grunt work. You'll be set up in minutes. No credit card required. Check our pricing plans.