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Stillio reviews

Hundreds of companies trust Stillio to capture and archive their web pages.
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Top Service with awesome Features and Support. A real time saving for us - we really save on manpower - about 3-4 hours a week.
Switched from Wayback Machine to @TeamStillio to monitor website changes. Automated and daily - saves me a ton of work.
Exactly What We Were Looking For. Stillio has outperformed our expectations. The customer support is fantastic and responses are super fast.
Exactly what we needed. Manual monitoring of the 100+ sites we are checking would not be close to impossible.
Being able to schedule and archive quality screenshots automatically saves us a lot of time & money. We like to offer good quality screenshots to our customers and this app takes care of that.
As for the price comparing to the amount of work that would have costed me to organize and take time to screenshot myself is TOP NOTCH!
Its great to ensure that we regularly check the weather for road plowing. A big help for municipalities!
Could come in handy. Stillio automatically takes screenshots of sites and organizes them. For archiving.
The perfect solution. It is super easy to use and it has integration with Dropbox which is very convenient.
With Stillio we automatically capture screenshots of all our webpages and social media channels. Perfect tool for anyone in financial services.
The tool is fast and I really like the user interface. Best customer service yet.
100% Satisfied! Very easy to use and works perfectly! Best screenshot software!
Time Saver! We are using Stillio to capture our client's Amazon pages to track reviews, prices, and buy box ownership. With the large number of products it would be nearly impossible to handle this manually.
Highly recommended automated daily screenshots of web pages - we've just signed up and it's must for any serious website business. Great for archiving webpages.
Always works consistently and easy to access all of the historical screenshots.
We used this to automate a boring task. Works great so far. It was easy to set up.
This tool is amazing, very simple to use, and you will gain a lot of time using it. The main feature is for me the way they connect to Dropbox. The support team answer very quickly and give very useful advice.
With Stillio we archive key pages and banner placements for future reference. Highly recommended.
Great apps to save time (and money) to screenshot many pages of your site and schedule it!
A great way to perform automatic competitor analysis through daily screenshots.
These captured screens are automatically generated using the Stillio app. This has made both our workflow and our communication with the client much more efficient
Screenshots are easy to schedule and come out crisp and clear.
Used for daily and weekly screen shots of our website as evidence for clients. So many options available and always works!

Stillio reviews

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