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We believe our digital heritage is important

Since the 90s we have created an immense digital society. A new society with its own social habits and places of interest. Just like ancient cultures. When things are happening so fast, there’s almost no time to breathe. Let alone to look back at what happened. To look at our digital footprint, our online heritage. But knowing our past is important to understand the present and prepare for the future. That’s why we have museums, archaeological sites and take thousands of pictures of loved ones and events. We believe that what’s happening online is worth preserving. That’s why we created Stillio. A simple solution to preserve your digital footprint.

We believe in relentless optimization

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The people at Stillio have been developing web applications since the start of the web. Always trying to come up with new ideas. Always looking at the data to guide our decisions. Taking small steps to achieve big goals. To capture these steps, we needed a tool to record the progress of our own websites and of our competitors. To notice gradual changes and collect valuable marketing insights. Like a time-lapse video of the web. That’s why we created Stillio. A simple solution to archive websites.

Stillio B.V.

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