Content Verification

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Content verification: The key to safeguarding your reputation. Use Stillio to keep proof of the content that makes the difference.



Case Study

Josh is the head of editorial team at, a well-known tech blog that reviews popular technology products. Also, the blog contains lots of sponsored content.

While doing that, advertisers always love to receive a copy of the ad. But for Josh, the task becomes tedious, especially because there are numerous advertisers and ensuring that they all receive their ad copies on time is not so feasible.

But once Josh started using Stillio, this is no longer the case! Using Stillio doesn’t just give him the opportunity to take timely screenshots, but also share them with the advertisers right from the dashboard.

This saves a huge amount of time for Josh and his productivity is enhanced as well. Stillio allows you to capture regular screenshots of your website content to create an archive. Use Stillio now to improve time and productivity.

How Content Verification with Stillio Can Help You and Your Business

Capture proof of sponsored content

Use Stillio to keep proof of your sponsored content publication. With our automated screenshot service, you have the right evidence to prove that certain ads or promotions were published on a given date.  

Capture the most active landing pages of your website

The most effective pages are those that attract maximum interaction. Use Stillio to capture the most active landing pages on your website at regular intervals.

Use Stillio to track regular changes in the article

Time-bound articles are updated more often than you or I think. With Stillio’s automated screenshot service, monitor content changes over time and preserve your website history.

Hosting a poll or contest? Monitor Terms & Conditions regularly

Terms and conditions matter whenever you host a poll or contest. In order to avoid any unwanted circumstances, always keep your evidence handy with Stillio.

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