About Stillio, website screenshots and conversion rate optimization

Legal competitors: A guide to analyzing firms and professionals

Learn how screenshots can be your game-changer when monitoring your competition in the legal industry.

How to analyze crypto competitors

Learn how screenshots can help you keep up with the overwhelming competition in the crypto market.

How to boost SEO for your NGO with backlinks

Learn why SEO is important for your NGO and how screenshots can improve that process.

5 IT automation tools your team must check out

Learn about some automation tools that can improve your workflow: saving you time and resources.

How to optimize your news site using screenshots

Learn how screenshots can significantly boost your news site's SEO score.

Creating a media kit for your news site

Learn why many media companies leverage screenshots for content verification.

SEO for Academic Research: Making your Article Discoverable

Never allow your scholarly publications to be buried in the mud; learn how Stillio screenshots can help you gain traction.

LegalTech Solutions To Make Your Firm More Efficient

Learn about some software solutions that can improve your legal firm's daily workflow.

A guide to SEO for Ecommerce platforms

Learn how Stillio can help you monitor your eCommerce SEO ranking using screenshots.

Get your law firm on the radar with Google Business Profile

Learn why it's extremely important to add your law firm business information to Google Business Profile and how Stillio can help you with vital insights.

Automating weather records for airports and aviation companies

Find out how the aviation industry captures screenshots of weather reports to generate insights needed for future planning.

Keeping track of sponsored content on your news site

With ads flooding the digital space, find out how Stillio can help build trust between you and your clients through content verification.

Healthcare SEO: revamping your strategy

SEO is a recipe for success in any industry. Learn how healthcare industries leverage the power of screenshots to up their game.

Legal news sources to capture and stay updated at all times

Find out why automated screenshot is indispensable in the legal industry.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Why And How To Track It

Learn how easy it is to track Amazon Best Sellers Rank with Stillio

Having a compliant e-commerce website

Find out how screenshots can help keep your e-commerce website complaint amidst the endless operational regulations.

How To Run An On-Chain Analysis On Glassnode

Learn how screenshots can help you run an on-chain analysis on Glassnode

Tracking competition in higher education with screenshots

Want new students to flood into your institution next academic session? Find out how screenshots can help you achieve that.

How to find trends in the travel industry

Want to find trends in the travel industry? Say no more! Learn how screenshot archives can help you.

Automating your agency’s portfolio with screenshots

Find out how automatic screenshots take away the grunt work when building your agency's portfolio.

Analyzing News Media Competition With Screenshots For Better Results

Competition knocks on every business' door: it makes or mars you! Learn how Stillio helps companies maintain a competitive advantage in the news and media industry.

Complying with education website requirements - HEOA, FERPA, and accessibility

Regulatory compliance is very important. Find out how the education industry is using Stillio daily to meet up with these laws.

Hotel Competition Analysis: Monitoring Your Area To Become The Best Choice

Learn how Stillio can help you stay competitive in the hospitality industry.

Why should you capture construction camera activity?

Learn how construction companies and contractors leverage screenshots for project management.

Monitor ICO Coin Launches Successfully With Screenshots

Launching a new coin? Find out how screenshots can improve your success rate in this saturated industry.

How to use Twitter Lists as a tracking tool

Learn about the power of screenshot tools in social media monitoring.

Screenshot or It Didn’t Happen!

Are You A Professional Screenshotter?

All you need to know about eDiscovery

With petabytes of data on the internet, find out how screenshot tools can help you in the e-discovery process.

5 Hacks For Better Blog Keyword Research

Find out how screenshots can help you with blog keyword research.

A guide to finding trends on Pinterest

Learn how screenshots can help you track different trends on Pinterest.

[How to] Write and Archive Terms & Conditions For an Online Promotion

Learn why screenshots are needed in improving the transparency of your giveaway marketing promotions.

How Twitch Screenshots Can Feed Your Marketing Strategy

Find out how screenshots can help you derive valuable insights from Twitch, which can be very useful for your marketing strategy.

Archiving new blog ideas with automated screenshots

Learn how screenshots can be extremely useful when looking for a blog idea for your next content creation project.

Tracking Your Progress In Image Search Optimization

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Learn how screenshots can improve your Image SEO ranking on SERP pages.

Track your real estate digital strategy using screenshots

Real estate is a huge industry. Learn why many companies in this industry find capturing screenshots with Stillio extremely handy on a daily basis.

Getting Ready for a FOIA Request

Learn how Stillio can save you headaches when preparing for Freedom of Information Act requests.

Preparing For A Cybersecurity Audit

Learn how using screenshots can improve your cybersecurity audit preparation.

Documenting your marketing funnel using screenshots

Keep track of your marketing funnel using screenshots and make guided decisions on your next marketing campaigns.

Using Screenshots For A Complete Analysis Of The Gaming Industry

Learn why Stillio is indispensable when carrying out an analysis of the gaming industry.

All About Rich Snippets To Up Your Game

Find out how Stillio can help you automate your rich snippet tracking on SERPs.

Complying With FINRA and SEC Recordkeeping Regulations

Find out how web archiving can help you with FINRA and SEC compliance.

5 Online Marketplaces You Should Know (And Monitor)

Learn how Stillio can help you automate capturing product pages on marketplaces to be used for in-depth analysis.

[Guide] KPI Data Dashboard Archiving

Data Dashboards are excellent tools for monitoring your KPIs. But how do you keep track of changes over time? Learn how automated screenshots take your insights to the next level.

How To Take Full Advantage Of Google Trends

Find out why you need a screenshot tool when using Google Trends.

Who are my competitors? Get to know them and identify them

Your competitors are increasing every day, learn how Stillio can help you track them automatically.

Search Engines Around The World

Learn how Stillio can improve your SEO process.

5 Free Trend Tracking Tools To Help Your Brand Stay On Top Of The Game

Trend tracking helps businesses in different ways. Learn how Stillio can make the process even better.

8 Tools You Should Be Checking As An NFT Collector

Learn how Stillio can help you with your NFT collection.

Web Accessibility Standards Master List

Find out how Stillio can help you with Web Accessibility Standards.

My Content Was Stolen - How To Prove It’s Yours And Have It Taken Down

Visual evidence is very important. Learn how to easily reclaim your stolen content using screenshots.

Everything you need to research for your political campaign

How screenshots can give you an edge over your title contenders.

Having a compliant healthcare website

Learn how screenshots can help you stay compliant and avoid paying the $75,000+ HIPAA fine.

How do I monitor my SEO progress now that Alexa is gone?

The famous SEO tool, Alexa is shutting down shortly. Find out its alternatives available in the market.

Why You Should Be Looking At The Fear And Greed Index

Manually looking at the index all the time can get tiresome. This is where Stillio can come in handy.

How to analyze your competitor’s website without wasting time in the process

Time is money! Find out how you can save it while analyzing your competitor's website.

What's a press clipping, and should I include one in my communication strategy?

We all love to have a paparazzi moment, don’t we? Clip your brand mentions across the web and media to derive insights or showcase industry dominance.

6 Resources To Make Your NGO More Transparent

How screenshots can improve peoples' trust in your organization.

Screenshot every page of a website

New: Archive your entire website by providing the sitemap.xml link.

Information Governance: Screenshots to Preserve Your Website

Any business or organization can have its own Information Governance policies and framework. Screenshots are a useful way of preserving your online data.

Add value to your agency with website screenshots

Screenshots can be a fantastic addition to the bouquet of brand management services that an agency could offer their clients.

Win on Amazon with FBA Competitor Tracking

Competitor tracking may save your Amazon FBA business. We’re going to explain how and why you need to implement competitor tracking and reap its many benefits to win on Amazon.

How to use Google Maps Traffic Screenshots for Urban Planning and Civil Engineering

Capture and analyze traffic patterns from Google Maps with automated screenshots at regular intervals.

[Checklist] Beat The Competition On Black Friday [2022]

Improve your competitor analysis before, during, and after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Follow this checklist to stay ahead of your competitors.

Crypto Snapshot & Screenshot Guide

Several use cases prove that capturing crypto screenshots may be a great idea. Preserve your BTC transfers, Ethereum tokens & DeFi holdings, and more.

Financial Service Companies Need Screenshot Software To Be Compliant. Here’s Why.

Gone are the days when institutions had to preserve the data manually. Financial institutions now use a different approach to retaining copies of their online communication.

Visual Archiving Your Research In This Modern World

Archiving research data is as important as carrying out the research itself – Stillio can save the day.

RegTech – A Necessity for Financial Institutions

Providing efficient solutions to compliance-related challenges through technology.

What Happens if your Website Stops The Way Facebook and Instagram Stopped Last Week?

Screenshots can help your business in diverse ways in the case of a service outage.

Can screenshots be used as evidence?

In a litigation process, screenshots can be used as decisive evidence. Learn why they are so important and how to work with them.

Why your company needs social media screenshot archives

Keeping track of content published on social media is paramount.

Custom Locations: Bring Your Own Proxy (BYOP)

Are your screenshots getting blocked by firewalls? Want to capture pages that can only be accessed from specific IP addresses? Here's how to deal with that!

Automate your screenshot workflow with Zapier

Connect Stillio with Zapier and automate your workflow. Unlock the potential of our Webhook and sync your screenshots automatically to Box, OneDrive, Amazon S3 and more.

6 Ways to Improve Your Business with Automatic Screenshots

Websites of your organisation and competitors change all the time. So how do you stay informed about everything that’s happening? Six smart ways how automatic website screenshots can improve your business.

Full Page Screenshots and Customizing Screenshot Height

A lot of webpages are longer than what fits on a screen. In most situations you want to capture the whole page and not only what’s visible “above the fold”. The Stillio screenshot machine now captures full size screenshots by default and gives you the option to set a custom height.

No more popups in your screenshots

Raise your hand if you like popups, modals and cookie alerts. That's right, me neither. But you know what's even worse? When these nagging elements mess up your screenshots! Learn how to get rid of them.

Capture Website Screenshots from Other Country GEO-IP's

Capture screenshots from The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia with a native IP address in various countries.

Backup or Archive your Website? Both!

Web archive and back up are the two terms we often come across in the same context when it comes to securing the data in the long term and most of the times these two terms are considered analogous. But there is a huge difference between the two.

Streamline Web Design/Develop Using Screenshots

Screenshots help a lot in streamlining the web designing and development process. It’s hardly doable to illustrate every concept but screenshots help! Whether you want to share your information with your client or squad, screenshots make your life way easier.

Digital Museum of Web Content for Future Generations

Some good websites may shut down or disappear for numerous reasons. What if you wanted to look at those websites again? So how do you find this historical data without loss?

5 Tips to Make The Most of your Screenshot Archive Settings

Archiving your web pages with Stillio screenshots should be as easy as possible. But some advanced features and options may be a bit overwhelming to unlock at the start. We'll help you to get it up and running smoothly!

Archive, share and use screenshots easily with Dropbox Sync

We are happy to announce that Dropbox synchronization is available for all Stillio users. You can now save all screenshots automatically to your Dropbox account. Making it very easy to archive screenshots indefinitely, share them with co-workers and use them in other applications.

New Chrome Based Screenshot Engine Added

We added a new screenshot engine, running the latest Chrome based browser software for capturing your screenshots.

Capture screenshots every hour, day, week or month

There are lots of use cases for capturing website screenshots. But not all use cases need the same screenshot frequency. In some cases you might want to take a screenshot every 5 minutes and in other cases just once a day, or even once a month. This is why Stillio provides flexible frequency setting.

Google SERP changes dramatically overnight

The number of search results in Google changes dramatically over time. Overnight the results can change from about 700.000 to more than 14.000.000. That’s a 2.000% change! So what’s happening here? And how does this affect your SEO strategy? We’ve been monitoring Google search results closely with daily screenshots. Here are our findings so far.

Download monthly archives of your screenshots

Downloading zipfiles of monthly archives of screenshots from your urls. That was one of the most requested feature from our customers … and so our development team built it!

How Amazon Tests Add-to-Cart Conversions

Amazon is the biggest ecommerce site in the world and notorious for continuously testing and implementing new features to optimize conversions. In 2012 Amazon tested five versions of the “Add to cart” button on the product detail page. This article explains how Amazon tests their product detail pages. The analysis was done based on screenshots gathered with Stillio Automated Web Page Screenshots. Let’s look at the setup and insights.

SEO for Academic Research: Making your Article Discoverable

Learn how article publishers boost their discoverability on search engines with the help of screenshots

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