Travel & Transportation

Screenshot automation and archiving software made for Travel, Tourism and Transportation

Stay grounded while moving others. Leverage the power of data from web pages stored for your business automatically.

The era of digitization has brought disruption to many industries, with travel and transportation being one that changed significantly. Stillio is here to help you keep track of all relevant information and changes that occur on the web by taking and storing screenshots you can use for various purposes.

In life and business alike, moving with a plan is necessary for meaningful change.

Whether you organize romantic tours through dreamy Tuscany or handle huge logistics operations for corporate clients, your focus must be on point. Don’t let important assignments slip away for the sake of time-consuming tasks that could easily be done in the background.

Stillio, an automated solution for web page capturing, is a life-saver you’ve been searching for.

What can Stillio’s service help you accomplish?

  • Stay up to date with trends in a highly competitive industry
    What are the latest “hot” destinations, and which of your competitors are ranking the highest on Google?
  • Store records of your shipping statuses and updates
    Having such information handy can help you improve logistics and avoid complaints.
  • Monitor departure and arrival times, keeping track of any unforeseen delays
    With Stillio, you’ll always have a clear overview of how planes, trains, boats, and buses operate.

  • Compare how your web pages look in different countries
    Running a multi-language website that needs to be spot-on? Stillio will help you keep it updated and looking great.  
  • Get useful ideas from your competitors' offers and campaigns
    See what they’re up to and create a unique offer that wins more customers.
  • Protect your social media content from being reused by other brands
    Originality is what sets your business apart—save your ideas from being stolen!

Capture screenshots on autopilot – in just three clicks.

Stillio is the easiest way to show proof of compliance, without the headache of manual screengrabs.

Starting at $29/m

Start capturing website screenshots automatically and save a lot of grunt work. You'll be set up in minutes. No credit card required. Check our pricing plans.