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Technology Is Advancing at Breakneck Speed! Are You on Top of the Latest Industry Trends?

Stop riding blind! Check your website’s digital visibility with Stillio. Whether it concerns Alexa, review site or your social media following, using Stillio’s automated screenshot service, you get the bird’s eye view of the trends and KPIs that matter to you most. Stillio ensures you don’t miss any opportunity.



Trend tracking with automated screenshots is a famous food chain in the USA. Bonnie is part of the Sales & Marketing team of the organisation. Her everyday tasks include monitoring social media profiles, tracking Alexa, analysing trends, watching KPIs and checking ratings on review websites.

Once she has started using Stillio, she could easily streamline these trend tracking processes via automated screenshots. In a centralised manner, she can now check and share this data with her team to gain precious insights. She thanks Stillio for increasing her productivity.

Here’s How Stillio Helps You Track Trends and KPIs That Matter to You

See your social media following grow

Whether it concerns Instagram or Facebook likes, Twitter followers or any other social media profile for that matter, Stillio allows you to track everything with a single click. You no longer need to bounce from one profile to the next in order to monitor follower counts; let Stillio do that. Tracking engagement over time provides valuable insights and Stillio aims to make this process smooth and hassle-free.

Get instant access to business dashboard KPIs or Geckoboard

Whether it concerns your marketing team, customer support team or even editorial team, monitoring KPIs is a regular ongoing task. No more! Stillio collects your precious KPI data at a single place so that you can monitor whatever you want, whenever you want with a single click.

Monitor your website performance with Alexa

Being a public metric, Alexa showcases your business value to your precious clients and hard-earned customers. But the process of keeping regular track of your Alexa Rank is a bit tedious. Allow Stillo to create weekly snapshots to review your ranking over time.

Check your website popularity with Google Trends

Want to know where you stand compared to your rivals? Google Trends is a great way of checking out search stats about your brand and theirs. It’s no sweat to check your ranking in Google Trends from time to time. But thanks to Stillio, monthly screenshots are created and archived for future reference.

Analyse your stats against your competitors

With rapidly growing technology, your rivals are constantly coming up with new ideas to get new customers. Whether it concerns pricing, promotional offers or trends, use Stillio to stay informed of the important metrics that are vital for business growth.

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