Legal news sources to capture and stay updated at all times

Research is paramount as a legal practitioner. Find out why automated screenshot is indispensable in the legal industry when conducting your research.

Legal news sources to capture and stay updated at all times

One of the essential parts of legal practice is research. Beyond legal books, lawyers must go through regulations, statutes, and court opinions that strengthen their cases. However, the law industry is constantly changing: existing regulations are updated, new laws are made, and new court ruling comes every day. 

That's why it's vital for law professionals to proactively stay up to date with news, other professionals' opinions, and industry articles. Fortunately, many websites offer exclusive legal content and news tailor-made for lawyers. 

In this article, we'll recommend some content sources to check out and look at how to make your legal library through automation. 

Legal content sources to follow

In the 21st century, everything is on the internet. That generates an ocean of information for lawyers. As a result, online legal content platforms come in handy to share knowledge and improve skills. Here are our top legal law news websites with reasons why you should follow them. 

Above the law

Founded in 2006, Above the law is a legal news website published by Breaking Media that covers categories like in-house, small, and prominent law, bonuses, and government. They also have a separate section for Legal Tech.

It includes the latest legal developments, breaking news, and original commentary on legal press. In addition, ABA Journal, an essential publication in the industry, has listed this website in the 100 Best Websites by Lawyers for Lawyers. 

Besides your usual articles, Above the Law also features:

  • A list of job openings in the industry,
  • A newsletter subscription,
  • A podcast covers valuable content and relatable news across various legal topics.

Law technology today

Not a news site but a blog, Law Technology Today provides information and insights on LawTech. In addition, they aim to explain how to leverage legal technology in various legal practice settings in articles, videos, and podcasts. 

It's closely related to the American Bar Association, as its Legal Technology Resource Center publishes it. The website brings together experts from legal, tech, and practice management together from an array of backgrounds. 

Legal tech is quickly becoming common practice for firms, as it makes crucial elements of everyday work much easier. So if you're looking to transform your legal team through tech, this is the place.

Lawyer Monthly

Initially a magazine, Lawyer Monthly uses its online version to share stories from every industry, from construction to marketing.

It's a great international news source for lawyers, as they update stories from across the globe throughout the day. In addition, they claim to be "one of the very few publications that can boast editorial scope in both established and emerging markets."

They provide a section dedicated to interviews with industry experts. In addition, you can check out their "Sector Insight" segment to find those industry-specific stories we mentioned before. They also feature a job openings section!

Legal Desire

Legal Desire categorizes news into the law firm and in-house updates, deals, and analysis sections. In addition, it's useful for networking, as it frequently shares a list of legal events and conferences to attend. 

They feature a "Read to know" section where international contributors from over 350 teams provide legal insights to fit different regions and practices. 

At the bottom of their homepage, you'll find their podcast, where they sit down with law professionals to discuss their journey, sharing tips for growing a career in law, law school, and practice.


This award-winning online legal news and commentary website collaborates with the University of Pittsburgh. Jurist is fueled by a strong team of professionals, students, and professors who provide commentary and cover news from all over the globe. 

The team at Jurist claims they cover legal topics based on substantive importance rather than popularity to make this source unique. The legal articles include court decisions, legislation, testimony, release, and reports. 

They have their app to follow news on mobile and a newsletter you can subscribe to stay up to date with legal news.

Extra: JD Supra

Why is this an extra? Although JD Supra counts as a legal news source itself, it is the result of a combination of different sources. This platform gathers articles and stories from sites like law firm blogs and works like a news aggregator. 

JD Supra proves very useful if you're looking for opinions from different sources in one place. Their content is split into many categories, and you can choose to subscribe to various feeds.

They have a section of "Featured Authors" trending over various topics and a list of upcoming webinars & events.

Why Capture Legal News Websites

After closely examining our favorite legal news sites, you're ready to choose your top ones. Here's another recommendation: what if we told you that you don't need to scour through each website to stay updated? There's an easier way to get the best of each legal news source without spending hours scrolling daily.

Meet Stillio: our automated website screenshot tool. With Stillio, you can easily automate captures of your top legal news sites, get them saved into your personal account, and access them all in one place at your convenience. This way, you condense all your sources into one personalized news feed!

Just choose your sources (like the ones you learned about in this article), and set the captures on Stillio at your desired interval, which can be as short as 5 minutes. Use tags to categorize this content and make it easier to localize. For example, instead of going to each site every day, you can check Stillio on Fridays to find all news from that week together.

And if besides staying updated, you'd like to use legal news websites to identify whether your firm or client is mentioned in a story, screenshots are also your ally. That is called a press clipping, and we have an entire guide that covers that process.

Building a legal library of your own is simple, straightforward, and cost-effective with Stillio.


Continuous research is an integral part of the law industry, and there is no lack of information in this digital era. However, this brings the need for tools that make selecting and going through different sources fast and valuable.

Automated website screenshots are one of those tools. Several industries have successfully leveraged the technology behind Stillio, and you, too, can. Start your 14-day free trial to see the benefits for yourself.

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