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Your SERP Rankings Matter and Tracking Them Is Crucial

No more spending time checking out ranks of your target keywords. Stillio allows you to automate your SERP rank monitoring process so that you can focus on what requires your attention; Acquiring Ranks & Traffic.



Improve SEO tracking with automatically captured screenshots

This is Jeff, digital marketing specialist at an ecommerce store,

Every day, he spends a huge portion of his time tracking ranks of the target keywords. Additionally, he is also supposed to stay aware of the latest players in paid ads and other data.

Once Jeff started using Stillio, he was able to focus on making new SEO strategies rather than doing the monotonous task of ranks monitoring.

With Stillio, you can also keep an eye on your SERP rankings and monitor every small and big change. Also, you can customise your screenshot frequency as per your requirement.

Here’s How Stillio Can Help You Keep a Bird’s Eye View on SEO

Monitor SERP ranks for the keywords that matter to you

Checking ranks of your target keywords is one ongoing task that takes a huge amount of time. No more! Leave your SERP rank monitoring process on autopilot while you focus on what brings ranks and traffic.

Get complete control over your SEO strategies

Got a sudden spike in your target keyword ranks? Replicate it for your other pages as well. Did your ranks drop? Improve with a better SEO plan. Stillio ensures that you have insight into your SERP ranks at all times thus providing complete control.

Know about the recent competitors in PPC

Relying completely on the organic results is never good enough. While you’re at it, don’t ignore your recent rivals in paid ads. Who knows, the one investing in paid ads today might compete with you in organic ranks tomorrow.

Improve your CTR by outperforming your rivals

Want to improve your click-through rate? Check what meta tags your competitors are using and outperform them with a better landing page. Using Stillio, you know exactly when your competitors have made a move so that you can stop them right there.

Get the complete story with maps, listings and much more!

Organic results are not all that matters. Whether it concerns stock prices, maps or Google listings, stay up-to-date with the all of the latest goings-on on your search engine result pages. You battle for new users every day. Stillio ensures that you get them!

Keep an SEO archive for the record

You may need to check your historical rank status, let’s say from 6 months ago. Using Stillio, you can keep a SERP archive of your important keywords. This will help you get a clear idea of your historical SEO ranks and current improvements.

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