How do I monitor my SEO progress now that Alexa is gone?

The famous SEO tool Alexa is shutting down shortly. Find out the alternatives available in the market to enhance your SEO game.

How do I monitor my SEO progress now that Alexa is gone?

Nobody needs an introduction to who (or what) Alexa is. But unfortunately, the majorly popular AI-powered search tool was retired on May 1, 2022. So after more than 20 years of asking Alexa to find our favorite sites and other web pages, it's time for us to bid it goodbye.

For business owners, Alexa was an integral tool. They could easily use Alexa to check global ranking systems and have an efficient method of SEO monitoring.

If you're a businessperson yourself, we understand your despair. But don't worry; many other free and paid tools will help you track SEO rankings. This article will name a few tools that will make your job much easier.

SEO monitoring tools to track your progress

Given below is a list of the most popular search engine optimization tools that people all over the world use to understand their rankings better.

1. Ahrefs SERP Checker

This SEO monitoring tool lets you analyze the top 10 rankings for any keyword you enter in nearly 243 countries. The Ahrefs SERP checker is free, but you can pay and subscribe to a premium account.

Ahref uses graphs and other pictorial representations to help you understand these keywords better. You can even insert your competitor's domain and figure out where you stand if needed. In addition, the lite feature lets you see keyword rankings in the history for the top 20 results for the past six months.

The standard plan shows you the top 100 results for the past six months. The advanced plan features keyword positions in the top 100 results throughout history, including June 2015. This historical data can be very useful for later. Ahrefs SERP checker also shows you the percentage of clicks from the organic traffic that is landed on your website.

This tool also shows you the average position and traffic and the distribution of positions in the form of rankings. The cheapest plan starts from $99 for 500 keywords and is updated for you every week.

2. BrightLocal Search Results Checker

The best feature of this particular tool is that you can check your search engine positions from any location possible. All you have to do is add the required keyword and your location. BrightLocal will automatically give you ten buttons to access the first ten pages of the search results.

Not only do you get a fair idea of the local SEO performance, but you can also get yourself a local search grid, local search rank checker, and citation tracker. 

This tool is free, but it has one disadvantage, that is, it's limited. That means that it will only redirect you to the results page you choose, say the first one, but you can't click on "next page": you'll have to go back to the tool to select another results page. In addition, you won't be able to get a complete history or automate the data.

3. SerpRobot

SerpRobot's free SERP checker tool tells you the ranking of your domain in a particular location. That makes SEO monitoring very simple for you. It can even tell you if your page is visible in the top 10 search results or not.

There is also a paid version for this, where you'll have to pay $5.99 for every 300 words that you search. This version gives you more insight and data regarding your search ranking, competition, or keywords.

Although the generated report is limited and you can't get historical data, SerpRobot is useful. Accurate SERP tracking is the foundation for any business project, and it does help to stay ahead of competitors using these tools for your SEO goals.

4. Stillio

Stillio lets you capture automatic screenshots of websites or relevant keywords from over 150 countries. This feature is beneficial for your root domains and for keeping track of your competitor's domains. These screenshots and data can be saved in your Google Drive or Dropbox so that you can access and study them whenever you wish to.

One great advantage of using Stillio for your SEO audit is that the entire process is automated, saving a lot of time and effort. In addition, to update your records, Stillio lets you use the updating feature daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

You can even get it updated at 5-minute intervals for the best plan. And wait, this isn't even the best part: Stillio is extremely affordable, with just $29 for daily screenshots of 5 websites in all kinds of locations and devices. You can know more about using Stillio for SEO tracking.


While Alexa may not be part of your content strategy anymore, that doesn't mean that your SEO data will get hampered! Using one of these four tools mentioned above, you can still easily monitor your SEO progress over time.

They will surely give you an insight into where you stand amongst the competition and how to improve your online search visibility. These tools are beneficial for improving your business and keeping track of your domain authority.

With SEO tools like these, you'll see which old and new keywords your competitors are aiming for. Then, you can add this list of words and use the ranking tools to identify related keywords. That will also help you expand your business in new areas of competition.

Therefore, don't worry because Alexa isn't here anymore. Instead, simply sign up with any or all of the tools mentioned above and get a boost in your SEO strategy!

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