Competition Tracking

Be the first one to know when your competitor makes a move

Being in a business, it is equally crucial, if not more so, to keep an eye on your competitors along with your own plans. From a minor visual change to the introduction of a new product to an attractive holiday discount, get the complete whereabouts of your competitors and beat them with a better approach.



Monitor your competitors with website screenshots

This is Anthony. Anthony is a marketing officer at, a brand that sells shoes online.

One of his regular tasks includes checking offers and product prices of his competitors. Since there are so many products and so many competitors, Anthony has to spend a lot of time manually checking the details of each URL.

Using Stillio, Anthony added all his competitors’ product pages and offer URLs to the dashboard. Since Stillio allows to add frequency of archiving the page, Anthony is now able to take daily screenshots as per his requirements.

All the webpages are now stored as images in Anthony’s Dropbox which he can check on the go (either on mobile or laptop). If required, he can also share the screenshots with respective teams i.e. sales, design, etc.

With Stillio, Anthony can now focus on other important tasks as the archiving process is completely automated.

Here Is How Stillio Can Help You Track Competitors

Tracking product prices

Changes in pricing of your competitor’s product can hamper your sales too. Stay aware of their latest pricings with  automated screenshots feature by Stillio.

Keep up-to-date with the latest offers and giveaways

When it comes to attracting your customers, you don’t want to take any chances. Keep an eye on every offer and giveaway your rivals are running and lure their customers with even better discounts. Whether it concerns social media, blog or their 3rd party profile pages, Stillio makes it possible to track almost everything.

Know about latest product launched

Do you keep wondering what your competitors are up to? Are you curious about their next step? Be the first one to know about their latest products and features. Monitor the competitors the way you want.

Regular monitoring of website design changes

Even a minor change on your rivals’ websites can play a huge role in conversions. Monitor their website changes and respond with a better design.

Keep track of their reviews

Keeping track of reviews of customers can be a great medium to understand possible flaws in the product. The shortcomings of your rivals can become your greatest competitive advantage.

Monitor their terms and policies

Terms and privacy policies are important. But when these belong to your competitors, there is no way you can afford taking risks. Keep track of any minor or major changes.

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