Using Screenshots For A Complete Analysis Of The Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is saturated with a variety of options. Learn why Stillio is indispensable when carrying out an analysis of the gaming industry.

Using Screenshots For A Complete Analysis Of The Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is becoming more and more complex each day. A new competitor or influencer dictates your product’s success wherever you see. That is an entirely new era of content surrounding computer games. So how do you stay informed about the changes happening to the gaming industry?

Performing a thorough analysis of the industry can give you insights to help you make informed decisions. Doing so periodically lets you stay ahead of trends and take steps timely. To perform analyses properly, screenshots can help! Here is how to do a gaming industry analysis using automated screenshots, both in gaming and social media.

Running a complete analysis

Archive your website

It is crucial to have an archive of your online footprint. You can do so by periodically capturing your website to track changes and development occurring or to keep a proper record of important information, like games, age restrictions, Etc.

With Stillio, you can set your desired capture interval, like hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly screenshots. Those screenshots will be automatically saved to access them whenever you want easily.

Sometimes, this process is confused with a backup. If you’d like to know more, you can read our article on the difference between archives and backups.

Track trending content and influencers

If you think the world of gaming is just games, you’re way behind times. Gaming nowadays is the connection between gamers and the game being played. There is also a considerable market of viewers: people who don’t play these games themselves but enjoy watching others play. They also comment on the performance of the gamers, as well as their own experiences.

The ideal home for this kind of content is Twitch. With Twitch, you can easily perform your gaming industry competitor analysis. For example, you may want to track what’s trending on the Twitch homepage, mentions of your games or brand, and those of your competitors.

Youtube is also a popular platform to watch your gaming services and competitors’. The Youtube gaming page showcases top games and trending videos, so always stay updated there. In addition, many gaming communities are now turning to Discord to play games together. You can glance at the Discord gaming servers by monitoring the Twitch streams, locating exciting communities, and watching their conversations. That will help you see the trending topics and what’s hot right now.

Another good platform to monitor is Steam. It is essentially a game distribution service where you can sign in and purchase games. The best part about Steam is that you can access it from any device to play the games you have subscribed to. This platform also has many free games and has become a crucial part of the entire gaming industry. You can monitor all the currently trending games and see how well your games or competitors’ games perform.

Analyze competitor websites

Here are a few things to look at while performing competitor website analysis:

  • Available games and what games are being highlighted currently.
  • Compatible consoles.
  • Prices, discounts, and offers.
  • Announcements or news sections.

Many games have standalone sites apart from the umbrella website, so check those. Screenshots can be used to monitor and analyze your competitors by setting regular captures.

Once you’ve gathered all your captures, the next step is to analyze them and think about the following: are we appealing to the same demographic? Do we have similar products? Do we wish to take a similar approach?

Taking screenshots with Stillio easily notifies you whenever there are new captures available, allowing you to stay on top of the game at all times.

Monitor social media

You will have to decide which social media platforms you’ll be looking at, depending on your audience. Social media tends to show the more honest side of people and their opinions so that you might get much vital information there.

Run a search for your games, the influencers you are collaborating with, and other games. Have you been a part of a recent move, such as a merger or acquisition? If so, look it up to see what people are saying.

Next, see what people are doing with your game. For example, Sims enthusiasts frequently post pictures or videos of the houses they’re building. You can also record this user-generated content to share later on your profile and for future reference.

Using screenshots of these different platforms serves as a record of people’s opinions.

The Sims game social media activity

Stay ahead of the news

Monitor both broad and specialized media, like IGN and Kotaku. By taking periodic screenshots of these news websites, you can:

  • Keep track of what streamers are being talked about.
  • Stay updated on the newest games, consoles, or launches.
  • Learn about different movements in the industry, such as an acquisition.
  • Know which brands are working with which streamers and their marketing campaigns.

You can set screenshots for all the news sites that are relevant to you on Stillio and create your press clipping.


That all might seem like much work to do manually, but with Stillio, the entire process becomes automatic. Using Stillio, you can keep periodic full-page screenshots of any website. You can set the screenshots at daily, weekly, monthly intervals, or even up to 5 minutes!

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