Automatic Screenshot Features

With Stillio, it's very easy to capture, archive and share screenshots automatically so you can focus on more important things.

Archive website screenshots

Automate your website screenshots and save a lot of time. Set and forget. Just add URLs, screenshot size, frequency and location, and let Stillio take care of the rest.

  • Set Screenshot Frequency

    Set Screenshot Frequency

    Want to take a screenshot every hour, day, week or month? We've got you covered! And everything in between as well.

  • Receive Notifications of New Screenshots

    Receive Notifications of New Screenshots

    Receive an email containing new screenshots as soon as these are taken to easily stay informed.

  • Save to Dropbox

    Save to Dropbox

    All new screenshots can be saved automatically to a Dropbox account. Build your screenshot archive easily and indefinitely.

  • Add Multiple URLs at Once

    Add Multiple URLs at Once

    Do you have 100s of URLs you want to capture? Just copy and paste all URLs at once and you're all set within minutes.

  • URL Sharing

    URL Sharing

    Share screenshots privately with colleagues, team members, customers or with everyone else if you want to.

  • Filter by Domain

    Filter by Domain

    All URLs are grouped by domain automatically for easy retrieval.

  • Add Tags

    Add Tags

    Organise and filter your screenshots exactly like you want with custom tags.

  • Set Screenshot Width and Height

    Set Screenshot Width and Height

    Need mobile screenshots of a responsive website? Need full page screenshots? No problem!

  • Set Server Location

    Set Server Location

    Website screenshots depend on the location of the visitor. We can take screenshots from GEO-IP locations on all continents.

  • Add Custom Titles

    Add Custom Titles

    No more unreadable URLs. Use custom titles to keep everything neatly organized.

  • Monthly Zip Downloads

    Monthly Zip Downloads

    Download monthly zip archives to store screenshots indefinitely.

  • Save Favorites

    Save Favorites

    Select important screenshots so you can find and share them easily.

Discover New Insights and Optimise Online Performance

Daily screenshots provide great insight into your online activities. Keep everybody informed with easy share options.

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