Create Screenshot of URL

With Stillio, it's very easy to capture, archive and share screenshots automatically

Automated Screenshot Scheduling and Management Options

Flexible screenshot scheduling

Want to take a screenshot every hour, day, week or month? And everything in between as well? No problem with our screenshot frequency options. We've got you covered!

Automatic archiving

All new screenshots can be saved automatically to a Dropbox, Google Drive or any other Cloud storage account with webhooks and no-code tools like Zapier and Make. Build your screenshot archive easily, save your website and indefinitely upload screenshots.

Add Multiple Pages At Once

Do you want to archive individual pages or a complete 100,000+ page website? Stillio will handle the load and capture the screenshots for you.

Timestamp screenshots with a watermark

Mark screenshot images with an embedded text, containing the date, time and exact URL of the screenshot.

Email Notifications

Receive an email containing new screenshots as soon as these are taken to easily stay informed.

Set Capture IP Geolocation

Website screenshots depend on the location of the visitor. Are you looking for the best screenshot tool? We can take screenshots from GEO-IP locations on all continents.

Customization Options for the Most Accurate Website Captures

Save Favorites

Select important screenshots so you can find and share them easily.

Set Screenshot Width & Height

Need mobile screenshots of a responsive website? Need full page screenshots? No problem! Use the website screenshot maker of Stillio.

Set Custom User Agent

Mimic a certain browser or device by setting a custom user agent. Also great to filter or whitelist our screenshot engine.

Set Custom Cookies

Optimize the screenshot outcome by passing along custom cookie key-value pairs.

Click Element Before Capturing

Click an element on the webpage before capturing the screenshot. Useful to click buttons or dismiss messages.

Hide Element Before Capturing

Hide a certain web page element before capturing. Great to hide banners, overlays or cookie popups.

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Abercrombie & Fitch
American Red Cross
American Psychiatric Association
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GAIN Capital
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Abercrombie and Fitch Logo

We are a lean team that contends with intellectual property infringement on a global scale. For this reason, we needed an automatic screen-capturing service to preserve evidence from our websites. The amount of time this saved us is immeasurable! We screenshot hundreds of pages every month and Stillio truly offers a ‘one-and-done-setup

Jackie — Lead Trademark Specialist at Abercrombie & Fitch Co. logo

Stillio saves us a ton of time and energy so we don’t have to manually take a screenshot of a web page, save the image, and keep track of it. Everything is automated and organized so we never have to worry about taking a screenshot ourselves.

Kevin — Marketing Account Manager at
University of Washington logo

Without automated screenshot functionality, researchers were spending precious time tracking boat activities online manually. Opting for Stillio allowed the team to focus on other tasks instead of checking the marine traffic websites at particular times every day.

Jason — Senior Research Scientist at University of Washington, FHL
AGEA logo

Stillio gave us a solution that adapted to our main requirements: frequency and GEO-IP locations. It enabled us to see the behavior of our competitors and the way they communicate the news. We now review and analyze all screenshots, sharing the findings with teams of journalists in detailed reports.

Mariano — Digital Marketing Manager at AGEA
La Senza logo

Capturing our creative changes and homepage updates was a very manual process. With Stillio, everything is completely automated and systematically archived, so the whole team knows where to go to check a previous homepage version. We are also able to log changes on certain competitor's homepages.

Tim — Web Operations Manager La Senza

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