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Screenshot automation and archiving software made for SAAS, Telecom and IT services

Run your IT or telecommunication services firm on clear, neatly stored valuable data.

Working on a software or a telecom platform is a demanding task worthy of your undivided attention. Some other tasks can, luckily, be delegated and streamlined for you. Stillio is a straightforward, reliable solution that will help you create a solid base of crucial web screenshots at your fingertips at all times.

Initiate, invent, and evolve while keeping the necessary yet mundane tasks fully automated.

The world we live in runs on innovation. Each new day brings along ideas that make the ways we live and work simpler and more productive. Your efforts add up to the ultimate equation, so the work you do should never be put aside for the sake of repetitive, time-consuming assignments—like taking web screenshots manually.

Appoint these tasks to Stillio, your tried-and-true partner, and explore the benefits our automated service can offer.

With Stillio, you can easily:

  • Keep clean records of your BI KPI dashboards
    Stillio screenshots important pages in order to help you measure how effectively your business meets its goals.
  • Track pricing and tech features of your market competitors
    Knowing what they do and at what cost will help you put your own work into perspective.
  • Monitor technology-related announcements and trends
    In an ever-evolving world, hearing the news as soon as it’s out can be a game-changing advantage.

  • Capture SERPs for most important keywords
    In the online world, SEO is king. Track what keywords your business is ranking highly for and how your SEO can be further improved.
  • Monitor how resellers and affiliates display your plans and promotions
    With Stillio, reviewing the data you have at your disposal has never been quicker and easier.
  • Archive your product pages and special offers
    Analyzing data will give you a clear overview of changes that happened over time.

Capture screenshots on autopilot – in just three clicks.

Stillio is the easiest way to show proof of compliance, without the headache of manual screengrabs.

Starting at $29/m

Start capturing website screenshots automatically and save a lot of grunt work. You'll be set up in minutes. No credit card required. Check our pricing plans.