How to boost SEO for your NGO with backlinks

SEO is very important for your NGO. It attracts potential donors to your site. Learn how screenshots can improve your SEO score.

How to boost SEO for your NGO with backlinks

People looking for an organization to donate to will probably go to Google. And if your NGO's site doesn't rank on top of its search result page, you might lose the opportunity of getting new collaborators.

SEO is a long-term strategy beneficial for nonprofit organizations, as it can help gain a consistent online presence. However, no matter how great your purpose is, you will probably fall behind if you do not make search engine algorithms happy. 

Building backlinks is a proven SEO technique that can redirect natural traffic or visitors to your site. The good news is you don't have to be tech-savvy to apply this strategy. This guide will tell you how to build backlinks and track your progress with Stillio. 

What are backlinks?

Backlinks or inbound links are links from one website to another. All major search engines, including Google, consider backlinks a "vote of confidence" for a page. So today, it is a vital and integral part of SEO efforts. 

When your site's links get a feature on other relevant sites, it increases your credibility. Simply put, a backlink to Google works like a recommendation from a friend. It communicates trust in the domain and its content, like an endorsement. SEO experts recommend building high-quality backlinks to: 

  • Increase site ranking on SERPs
  • Increase visibility and be relevant
  • Get organic traffic or visitor to your website

Let's understand how to create a backlink with an example: 

Peter, a fine sports blogger, has a reputable website with many followers. A new sports magazine requested Peter to insert their page link to one of his blogs. As sports followers trust Peter, they will also trust the link provided by Peter. As a result, sports magazines get organic traffic redirected from Peter's site. This backlinking process continues when someone refers to Peter's blog on their website. 

We can see that Google's algorithm will favor the new magazine's site, as it has collaborated with an authoritative website. However, most sites overlook this aspect of SEO, not due to unawareness but because it's hard to get backlinks. To help you kickstart your nonprofit backlinks journey, we have compiled some expert tips in this article. Read on! 

Tips for building backlinks for nonprofits

When considering SEO for nonprofits, make backlinks a priority. Here are some tactics to help you build quality backlinks and redirect organic traffic to your site. 

Build a blog

That is not only helpful for backlinks, but generating constant and quality content is always a good idea to build domain authority and gain more views. In addition, well-researched, high-quality content is more likely to get shared by readers or linked to relevant blogs or social media posts. 

Guest blogging

As the name suggests, it is writing a blog entry for other popular websites. It is the most effective way of reaching new readers and winning more leads. Moreover, guest posting is not always about creating backlinks but increasing your NGO's online reputation. But make sure host pages cite you as a guest and link your site. 

Target Keywords

No matter how valuable your blog may be, without keyword targeting, it will vanish into darkness. There is a correlation between keyword-rich text and your blog's ranking. Your NGO's web content should also include the most ranked keywords in your industry.

Therefore, whether you write your blog or guest posts, do keyword research and embed them strategically. However, try to avoid overstuffing or forcing keywords into your blogs. 

Partner with other organizations

SEO for charities is only complete with valuable collaborations. It's natural for charities and other types of nonprofits to work with other companies (nonprofit or not) in certain activities or events. 

Look for other organizations that match your style and values. Then, reach out and offer to collaborate in creating an upcoming activity that serves both audiences. For instance, you can host a webinar together. Encourage these actions and make sure they're also listing you on their sites.

Don't be afraid to reach out

As mentioned, quality backlinks are difficult to get because it is a strategy based on collaboration. So don't stay behind because you can't bear to ask another site to feature you. Instead, reach out with your request for guest blogging, or offer a partnership. 

It's a big world of connections, so get out there. In a dilemma, you can opt for sponsored backlinks anytime. 

Turn existing mentions into links

Run a search for your organization and see if others are already mentioning you. If they are, but they're not linking to your site, reach out and ask them to!

You may be surprised to find some of your articles doing well on search engines, so optimize those mentions to redirect to you.

Leverage social media

That is a good one because you can manage it yourself. Small or big, every brand is harnessing the power of social media to reach the target audience. 

Link to the contents on your site or blog on your own social media profiles and encourage followers to do the same. When your followers share your content, you get a better outreach. 

Monitoring results with screenshots

Now that you know how to amplify your SEO efforts with nonprofit backlinks, you also need to understand how to monitor your SERPs' rankings in parallel. If you rank well, pat yourself on the back; if not, adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

While you can monitor your SERP ranking by manually searching for your brand, it will cost time and resources. So, why not trust automation? Yes, with Stillio's screenshotting service, you can completely automate the search result monitoring process: automate screenshots of your search result pages at the frequency you like.

Captures are saved directly into your account for you to check out later.

Come back each month when you need to craft your reports: your SERP screenshots will be there and ready for you to analyze!

Screenshots of your website are not only great for monitoring performance, but they can also be of help for compliance and competition analysis purposes. Check out all the uses of Stillio for NGOs.


Like any other businesses, nonprofits also need referrals to fuel their campaigns. Therefore, there's no denying that backlinks are vital for this industry's SEO efforts.

In this article, you have learned some tips for building backlinks and monitoring your SERP rankings with screenshots. Then, start implementing your charity backlinks strategy and book a free demo with Stillio to make the monitoring process easier for you.

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