Keeping up with food health trends: web screenshots for nutritionists

Learn how nutritionists keep up with ever-changing food trends using Stillio's automated screenshots and how you can do the same.

Keeping up with food health trends: web screenshots for nutritionists

In this ever-evolving modern era, keeping track of the latest trends in your field is vital. The same is the case with the world of food and nutrition, which is guided by innovation, emotions, and necessity. Today, fitness coaches and nutritionists strive to offer highly personalized nutrition programs to their clients. 

However, the task becomes challenging, as the one-size-fits-all methodology doesn't work in the fitness world. Moreover, the information explosion has made people more health-conscious and aware. Therefore, practical knowledge without information on the latest trends does not suffice in this scenario. These professionals must monitor the latest ins and outs of the nutrition world to evolve accordingly. 

In this article, we'll look into why trends are essential in nutrition and why these professionals must always stay on top of them. In addition, we'll recommend where to look for these trends and how screenshots can make the task easier.

How do trends affect healthcare and nutrition?

While health and nutrition goals remain the same, the journey changes depending on the imminent situation, for instance, the world has seen a dramatic shift in nutrition and food intake patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similarly, any new scientific research or update in existing standards demands immediate updates in food health trends, especially for individuals under supervision for dietary control, like diabetes and hypertension patients. On the other hand, monitoring current nutrition topics becomes an obligation for nutritionists. 

In addition, there has always been a need to have a "nice body" and to appeal to others physically. Social media, influencers, and beauty standards also affect this desire, having us believe our bodies need to change and adapt to trends.

Not all trends are unhealthy, as some lifestyles surrounding food, like veganism or keto diets, can be positive. Still, nutritionists must know what's trending to guide patients accordingly. Healthcare professionals also need to stay on top of these trends to avoid unhealthy (and possibly dangerous) habits. 

Where to look for nutrition trends?

While finding reliable health and nutrition information is a comparatively easy task, detecting the latest trends remains complex. Of course, you can always subscribe to food and nutrition publications or visit official websites to get useful, accurate, and authentic insights. But you can take this a step further with the following sources.

Search engines

Yes, this may seem basic, as we use Google every day, but think of using search engines with a critical eye instead of your regular daily searches.

If you're feeling a bit lost, search for "nutrition trends" and see what comes up. The search engine result pages (SERPs) list the most valuable and relevant information based on a few predefined algorithms. One aspect of this algorithm is trending topics. 

You will be shown a list of the most relevant, trusted, or visited webpages based on your search query. First, observe the high-ranking web pages, content, and keyword usage. Then, ask yourself: what blogs catch your eye? Is there a particular keyword repeating itself?

Social media

Another key place to start your nutrition trend-hunting is social media. Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok are the most visual and trend-related social media platforms. In addition, you can follow specialized influencers, pages, and accounts associated with the food and nutrition world. 

The best part is that many platforms allow you to activate notifications whenever your following page posts new content. Similarly, you can create a list of influencers on Twitter to keep an eye on their activities. 

Specialized media and blogs

Suppose you want to be more particular in your approach; select trustworthy web pages and blogs and start monitoring them directly. Chances are that, you are already following some authoritative websites related to food and nutrition, like Today's Dietitian and Food and Nutrition Magazine

Similarly, like Rachael Hartley's, you can follow a particular professional's page or blog for new health trends. 

Trend aggregators

We can't talk about trends without recommending some specialized tools! Trend tracking tools have been in the market for some time, reaping benefits for many businesses. A tool like Google Trends or Exploding Topics can speed up your hunting for trending topics.

These tools provide a wealth of valuable insights about global search trends. Furthermore, the data is broken down based on geo-location, category, date range, search type, and others. Therefore, nutritionists can use trend aggregators for a first picture and then leverage search engines to read more about the most popular keywords detected before. 

Why trust screenshots to keep track of trends?

Keeping track of the latest trends is incredibly valuable but equally tiresome. Remembering to check every source periodically is prone to forgetting and making messy conclusions. 

Fortunately, with automation tools, no task is enormous. A simple and efficient web screenshotting tool like Stillio can work wonders tracking nutrition trends. Automated screenshots can be an excellent ally for nutritionists, saving the information at the right time for you and keeping it safe whenever you decide to check it out.

Let us walk you through what Stillio can do for you.

Using Stillio to stay on top of the latest trends

Stillio allows you to capture SERPs, social media feeds, and trend aggregators to stay up to date with the latest nutritional trends at all times. How? Just provide the URLs you want to capture, set your desired interval, and voilà! The tool will take those screenshots and automatically save them to your account to check out whenever you want. It's set, and forget!

Further, there is an option to add tags to each capture so that you can group and find them more easily. Moreover, captures with GEO IPs can help you to capture sites overseas and identify nutrition trends based on location. At the end of the day, you'd have created a personalized reference database. 


Like other fields, the world of food and nutrition is changing, always has, and will change. So, professionals need to act smartly to keep pace with the evolving trends and better serve the patients. Book a free demo of Stillio to see how automated screenshots can be productive and fun for you.

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