Why should you capture construction camera activity?

The advantages of onsite construction cameras are well-known. Learn how construction companies and contractors leverage screenshots for project management.

Why should you capture construction camera activity?

The advantages of onsite construction cameras are well-known to everyone in the industry. Construction companies and contractors leverage jobsite cameras to monitor the workforce, track progress, and keep records of various activities.

Still, many stakeholders fail to harvest the full potential of construction site cameras due to a lack of awareness or not the use of appropriate technology. For instance, contractors can overlook the importance of camera screenshots, which prove to be a vital tool for documenting construction activities.

Automated screenshots for construction find special mention among the most popular technologies that take the industry to the next level. Read on to learn how to leverage this technology for your business.

How can webcam activity screenshots support my project?

Construction is an inherently risky job that entails combined efforts from multiple stakeholders. Therefore, tracking construction webcam activity is imperative to safeguard the organization's and employees' interests.

Today, beyond time-lapse videos and real-time monitoring, you can not afford to ignore the importance of construction camera screenshots anymore. Here are some of the noted benefits that cement our claim:

Keeping an eye on construction progress

Perhaps the prime reason why cameras are installed in construction. Although security cameras are the best for monitoring real-time activity, periodic camera screenshots work best for progress reports. Especially for the top brasses of the construction companies who do not have the leisure to sit through hours of footage. 

Automatic screenshots provide a periodic snapshot of the state of the construction, allowing stakeholders to visualize progress clearly and quickly. Moreover, contractors can easily document and compare every stage of construction through time-stamped screenshots. 

Construction camera screenshots can be flexible to adapt to each project: users can set capture frequency according to the size and speed of the construction. It is a cost and time-effective tool to monitor building progress. 

Fostering transparent communication with stakeholders

Digital photographs taken from regular cameras prove an additional effort to the company when looking to share the project with stakeholders. However, time-stamped screenshots from jobsite cameras are more effective for project meetings. That is because they use an already available asset on the construction site.

Instead of giving stakeholders hour-long camera recordings, permanent access to these periodic screenshots can be granted to provide transparency on the project. Furthermore, contractors can easily review the images and share them with sub-contractors or other team members to raise or resolve an issue, simplifying workflows.

Detecting precise safety incidents

Another great use of onsite cameras is to document safety or security incidents. Irrespective of how attentive or sincere you are, job sites remain vulnerable to various accidents. Having a regular record of screenshots can help identify the moment when it happened. In addition, such evidence plays a significant role in settling litigation or employee insurance frauds.

Furthermore, it also ensures that all employees follow stipulated safety procedures and SOPs. When this happens, organizations can effectively achieve their goals within the given time frame.

Tracking inefficiency in construction

In addition to monitoring the workforce, screenshots ensure proper delivery and storage of construction materials. Most construction projects stretch for a long duration. So, careless handling, improper storage, and accountability of materials result in huge losses. Stakeholders can quickly get such overviews through screenshots. 

Sharing your project with the world

Detail-rich, time-lapse screenshots from job site cameras are beneficial to attract investors. Most construction companies use this resource to pitch themselves in front of investors and the world. Moreover, you can also use time-lapse images on the company's website to showcase the company's achievements. Altogether, it is a great strategy to build a brand image.

Useful historical records

Construction camera screenshots are helpful during construction and after it wraps up. It can be kept as a historical record of your accomplished projects. These historical records have multiple benefits, such as:

  • Evidence for claiming warranties.
  • Details how and where specific things were installed.
  • Comparing construction efficiency.
  • Screenshots play a vital role in future extensions, repairments, or building modifications.

How to track webcam activity with Stillio?

By now, you understand why camera screenshots in construction are essential. So, now it's time to ask: how to take periodic screenshots from construction cameras? The answer is Stillio.

Stillio is an automated screenshot software that allows you to capture your construction webcam activity at designed intervals. These can be customized as needed: daily, weekly, monthly, or up to 5 minutes with the best plan. 

These captures are automatically saved to your account and linked to your Google Drive or Dropbox for you to reference whenever you want. You can also set notifications to get alerted when a new screenshot is available. That will also be useful for stakeholders to have constant access to building updates without having to share lots of footage.

And by the way, screenshots are full-length, so you don't have to worry about the picture being cut. Pricing starts at $29 for daily screenshots of 5 URLs.


As evident from this blog, camera screenshots for construction can outweigh footage or video recording in terms of cost and time savings for several use cases. Fortunately, construction companies, contractors, and architects can exploit this technology at reasonable costs.

Start with a free trial with Stillio and move on to pro after assessing the feasibility. Got any questions? You can also book a free demo with us. Contractors who want to make their job site a safe, transparent, and profit-making place will love this software.

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