A guide to finding trends on Pinterest

Do you want to explore new ideas or simply observe the trends? Learn how screenshots can help you track different trends on Pinterest.

A guide to finding trends on Pinterest


Whether your specialization is social media, product management, or any area where you need to stay creative, we're sure you've turned to Pinterest at some point.

Unlike common belief, this is not a social media platform but a powerful search engine focused on inspiration. Pinterest is everyone's go-to when looking for ideas, from revamping a bathroom to travel itineraries.

But its uses don't stop at personal matters: Pinterest can be a great source of emerging products and use cases for businesses who use it correctly. That means scrolling through your feed and taking a 360° look at the platform. Pinterest can spark ideas for new products, new variations of a product, and new ways to present and use existing ones.

In this article, we'll take you through those details and sections of Pinterest you should pay special attention to when searching for trends and those you can track with an automated screenshot tool like Stillio.

Pinterest sections you should be monitoring

The Today Tab

This tab’s name already hints at what it is: The Today tab, which you can find on the left of the search bar, provides relevant topics that update every day.

The today tab

When clicking on this tab, you'll get a couple of curated topics and trending Pins to spark creativity for that day. In addition, by scrolling down, you can check what was up two days before your search.

Today serves as a daily dose of inspiration, perfect if you're feeling lost on what to post about. Of course, as its name indicates, you should be going back every day to see what Pinterest is recommending, or every three days, as it lets you go back if you've missed it.

If checking this out daily becomes a tedious task for you, you need automated screenshots. Set the interval of your choice, daily in this case, and get captures of the Today tab directly to your drive. That way, you can go back whenever you want to and see the trends detected by Pinterest at your own pace.

What automated capturing looks like on Stillio

Search results for key queries

Let's say you're a business that sells press-on nails. You have your portfolio of products with defined colors and patterns. So when the time comes to renew the collection of nails for the upcoming season, you already know what you're looking for on Pinterest: ideas for nail designs.

Users are constantly updating their accounts with new content. When searching for these designs, you can detect things they have in common that can be useful for your new collection. But not only is it essential to look at visual results (at the end of the day, this is a visual platform), but Pinterest also feeds us with related queries.

Pinterest search result

These keywords can give you insights into emerging trends and what people look for when looking for these nail designs. It's a great starting point when you want to find trends on Pinterest, as these can help direct and refine your search and indicate where to put your marketing and product efforts.

In some regions, the related searches can vary: for example, in nail designs, it can ask you to choose skin color. Use Stillio to automate your Pinterest trend tracking. You can set the location of the capture in over 130 countries. This way, you can detect what's trending in other regions of interest to your business.

Boards and profiles relevant to your product

Instead of searching and browsing through the entire Pinterest feed, if you detect some profiles that are constantly of use to you and your brand, you can follow them to see what they'll be up to next.

You can track content creators and their follower count and average monthly views. That comes in handy when considering future collaborations. Pinterest is a growing platform for affiliate marketing, as users post appealing images of products and their affiliate links. The audience interested in that product can click on that pin and buy the product from the official vendor's page, but the user who posted it gets a percentage of that sale.

The same logic of tracking some users goes for specific Pinterest boards: you don't necessarily have to follow a user with many interests; you can choose the board that is more relevant to you and keep an eye on that.

Stillio's automated screenshots work on the general feed and specific boards and profiles. If you'd like to keep your screenshots of certain product lines together, you can add tags when setting up the captures.

Pinterest URLs tags on Stillio

Pinterest Trends

We can't go on talking about trends on Pinterest without taking a look at Pinterest Trends: The inspiration platform's version of Google Trends. That is a hub that analyzes user searches to provide trends based on spikes in certain keywords' search volume.

The homepage will greet you with currently popular categories and related specific terms. For example, in the Travel category, you may find the term "camping hacks" is trending. At the top of the page, banners display particularly interesting spikes in Pinterest trending searches.

Pinterest trends

You can also search for the keywords you want, and it'll show you its search volume evolution over time. Don't miss out on the related keywords that the platform displays below the graph and popular pins in that category.

Pinterest trend graph

Looks impressive, right? Pinterest Trends is key to detecting hot categories your business may want to dive into.

It's important to note that this feature is only available for the US, UK, and Canada. However, this doesn't mean you can't explore the platform: change your country on your Pinterest settings, and you'll be able to use Pinterest Trends. Please consider that the search volume information you see won't truly represent your demographic. However, it's still helpful to discover new products.

Stillio captures full-length pages. By using it to screenshot Pinterest Trends information, you will not only get the top part of the page, meaning the homepage banners or the keyword evolution graph, but also the related keywords and pins of your search. All the data you need to make a comprehensive decision regarding new products or communication efforts will be saved and ready to use whenever you want.

Bonus: Pinterest Predicts

Pinterest likes to look into the past to provide trends and looks into the future. So Pinterest Predicts this company's report that predicts the upcoming year's trends. The latest edition was that of 2022. In its introduction, they state that eight became true from the 2021 edition for every ten predictions they made. So this report is worth keeping an eye on.

This bonus is not something you'll need to track throughout the year, but it is a key part of trend tracking on Pinterest that you can go back to any time you want.


We hope this tour of the inspiration platform inspires you to dive right into new trends to expand your business… and we also hope you choose to join us along the way! Take a look at Stillio's website screenshot features. Feel free to book a demo with us to explore how we can help you have a smoother content-generating process.

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