Screenshot every page of a website

Archive your entire website by providing the sitemap.xml link. You can now archive more than 100 thousand pages in a single run.

Screenshot every page of a website


For over 10 years now, Stillio has been on top of the game in the webpage screenshots and archiving space. With its flexible capture frequency offering that includes daily, weekly, or as low as 5 minutes intervals, you will always rest assured that a moment will not pass you by without stacking a treasure to your digital heritage trough.


Over these years, we have been focusing on capturing individual pages: one, a few, hundreds, or even a few thousand. However, the problem that some of our customers with many webpages faced was: it could be time consuming to manage their account when pages regularly are added or changed on their site. That had made them manually manage these changes, being a cumbersome process.


Users can now archive their complete site by providing a single link to their hosted sitemap.xml file. On most websites, this sitemap document is already present as it’s the de facto standard for SEO and search engines like Google. As the sitemap.xml is generally created and updated by the Content Management System (CMS), there’s no need to worry about manually updating their Stillio account with the new changes on the sitemap for adding or removing pages.

In our today’s world where data (past, present, and future) is grossly indispensable, with this new feature, organizations can harness the opportunity by archiving their entire sites. There are several reasons why an organization can benefit from web archiving and that includes legal, compliance, intellectual property (IP), marketing, SEO tracking, legacy reasons, etc. Using this feature is as easy as providing the link to your hosted sitemap file, and the rest of the job will then be handled by our highly automated systems.

Watermarked screenshots

Not only do we archive your entire website, but we also add credibility and a sense of ownership to the screenshot files. As an additional service, we can add a watermark to the captured screenshots. The watermark contains important details such as the date and time the screenshot was captured and also the URL of the webpage. The metadata can be very powerful and helpful especially when it comes to content verification and the litigation process.‍


Are you overwhelmed by the enormous number of web pages your site has? Stillio’s architecture has scalability at its core. With the new sitemap-based service, we can handle hundreds, thousands, or even a million web pages. In theory, we can safely say any amount of web pages you provide to us. We can scale from 1-100's of concurrent requests, meaning we can capture up to hundreds of pages per minute to archive your site as quickly as possible. This mechanism will ensure that you get a high degree of accuracy without building unwanted gaps between the capture intervals.


By default, captured screenshots get stored in our cloud platform, but we also offer custom integration options where users can sync their files to other cloud providers such as Google Cloud, AWS S3, etc. Having your custom storage is a double assurance that your files always get preserved.


With this new feature, users now have a Swiss Army knife added to their web archiving arsenal. A 360 degrees web archiving solution is just a few clicks away when using Stillio. You can preserve every bit of information regarding your brand name, competitors, etc., and use that intel for several reasons. This piled information can help in making critical business decisions in the future. With Stillio, it is never too late to start archiving your digital presence. You can start today at no cost by trying the service for up to 14 days without a credit card commitment.

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