Monitor ICO Coin Launches Successfully With Screenshots

Launching a new coin? Discover how Stillio's automated screenshots can improve your success rate in this saturated industry.

Monitor ICO Coin Launches Successfully With Screenshots

Launching a new coin into the cryptocurrency ecosystem is a risky operation. It involves lots of planning and strategy, both for the entrepreneurs behind the launch and the investors who wish to invest in them. Monitoring the entire process is key for everyone involved and archiving important information.

This article is a checklist of what you need to track, whether you’re selling or investing in new coins. We’ll look at how to preserve these coin launches so you can focus on ensuring the launch is a booming success!

What do you need to preserve for your coin as a seller?

Your launching website

Let’s first talk about your launching website. It is always recommended to archive your coin launch and your website when looking at how to preserve coin launches. A website archive can help you record all the information you’ve shared with the public. It’s also useful to keep track of changes and the evolution of certain widgets like the launch roadmap and accumulated investment, for example.

Take a look at your website and identify those aspects worth preserving for future references, such as the conditions for investors, and ensure to keep a record of them.

How the main platforms are displaying your coin

Next, you should keep in mind to read through what the main coin platforms are talking about your launch. There are many established platforms like CoinMarketCap that investors turn to when they need to know where to invest and to monitor their current investments. These tools are used to look at new listings, prices, market cap, and other crypto-related metrics that help investors make informed decisions.

It’s crucial then to track these platforms, as they share estimated prices, ratings, relevant social media posts, and more aspects regarding your particular launch that can affect how investors consider it.

Some key platforms are CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, LiveCoinWatch, and CoinLib.


This is the most popular coin tracking website that aims to provide unbiased information to investors to make informed decisions. CoinMarketCap provides information regarding:

  • New and trending coins
  • Prices, market cap, volume, and supply for each listing
  • Ranking and score of different exchanges like Binance
  • Overall stats for NFTs

In addition, CoinMarketCap can be used to create portfolios. 


CoinGecko is “the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator.” You will be able to find real-time information, similar to CoinMarketCap, as well as educational material and third-party resources that can help in decision-making. It’s an excellent alternative to keep at hand.


Often considered the fastest crypto price index website, it shows real-time data of more than 1700 coins on 448 exchanges. It features an extensive market coverage, including: 

  • Live coin prices and charts
  • Crypto Market cap
  • Volume movement of crypto across exchanges
  • Option to include or exclude Korean markets in the Calculation


Although a new crypto stats provider platform, it does its job perfectly. The interface is very user-friendly and offers a high-precision, real-time crypto price. An exclusive feature is the option to compare four cryptocurrencies filtered based on different criteria. Here are a few noted features of this platform:

  • Historic crypto price and volume data
  • Free portfolio management tool
  • Price alert option 
  • Price of crypto available in 8 fiat currencies

What the specialized media is saying about your coins

Besides keeping track of the information shared about your launch on the leading coin platforms is vital to keep an eye out for specialized media and what they are talking about. 

Leaving traditional media aside, many specialized crypto news sites like Crypto News and Coin Telegraph will mention your launch. So you should know what they are saying! This exercise of tracking media mentions and topics is called press clipping.

You can track these sites' homepages to see the main topics being discussed. You can also conduct a query for your coin to only track what is being said about you.

What is being said about your launch on social media

Tracking your coin launch on social media can also prove to be useful. Find out some profiles that talk about crypto launches, such as ICO Analytics, to stay updated on how they portray you. ICO Analytics on Twitter regularly updates new coin launches and related news. 

You can also monitor specific queries, such as your coin's name, main company's name, or other particular coins you may want to track.

Twitter is often the most preferred platform for crypto investors because everyone can stay updated quickly, but remember that other social media platforms are also important.

Other coin launches

As a coin entrepreneur, you might also want to conduct coin launch competitor tracking to understand how other simultaneous coin launches are progressing. To do this, track pages that specialize in showing new coins, launchpads, ICOs, and launch pools. Some of these sites are:

What do you need to monitor as an investor in new coins?

What coins are available

If you are thinking, "how can I find new coins?" we are here to help you!

When investing in new coins, the first step is knowing what is available on the market or what is coming up. Some of the major aspects investors should track regarding this are:

Upcoming ICOs

ICOs are very popular for introducing new coins. Initial coin offerings are fundraising events for the possible release of coins. Here, investors receive the cryptocurrency in exchange for their contributions towards the launches. Similar to IPO in the stock market, the ICO aims to raise funds for a new crypto venture. You can track a tool like ICO drops to stay updated with new ICOs.

Available launchpools and launchpads

Popular exchange platforms like Binance have opened their launch platforms. Let us first talk about the Binance Launchpad. In a launchpad, investors participate in an initial exchange offering or IEO. That can also be visualized as a fundraising model where investors can look at all the promising crypto projects and launches. Investors then use these launchpads to keep track of all the unique projects in their initial stages.

On the other hand, launchpools allow users to put in their tokens and earn new ones for free. If someone wishes to earn a passive income, launchpools will be ideal. Launchpool assets typically involve using crypto tokens to invest in a liquidity pool. The investor will then receive good amounts of return in the form of tokens. That is also called DeFi yield farming.

Data aggregators

That is another way you can monitor coin launches. Crypto data aggregators collect information from different sources to give you a quick snapshot. A trusted source on the crypto market that does this is CoinMarketCap. You can also check out AltFIN's news section, which aggregates Twitter news on crypto.

What experts are saying on social media

As we mentioned, social media is essential for crypto and trading. It's a place where people share their opinions and experiences with specific tokens. But, of course, Twitter is the most important platform because information travels very fast there. 

To monitor coin launches on social media, you can follow crypto experts to stay up to date with their opinions and look at relevant specific keywords like "new crypto." In addition, many specialized Twitter accounts release a list of upcoming releases, for example, ICO Analytics.

What the specialized media is saying about the coins

Tracking specialized media is vital to having a complete overview of a specific coin project. That will help you know experts' opinions on the project and gather different points of view. If you wish to learn more about coin launches in your communication strategy, refer to Stillio's guide on press clipping article.

The validity of new coins

Once you find a coin you are interested in, you should check its background and validity to ensure there are no frauds or scams associated. If you're looking for a tool to help you out here, check out TokenSniffer. You can track the token for a few days and see if anything strange or unusual pops up.

Monitoring coin launches with automated screenshots

You can track every trackable aspect of a coin launch, including all the ones we've described on this list, with Stillio. Stillio is an automated screenshot service that can help you monitor all stages of coin launches, whether you're the seller or the investor.

It is pretty hard to take screenshots at set intervals manually. But with Stillio, the entire task becomes automated. You can set the interval for taking your screenshots- daily, weekly, monthly, or even up to 5 minutes. Then, save these captures directly on your Google Drive or Dropbox. Open it whenever you want, and all your information will be stored safely.

But how to know when a new screenshot is available on a website? You can't keep opening all the sites together to keep track. Stillio notifies you whenever a new screenshot is available so that you always stay ahead of the game. If you'd like to know more about using Stillio for crypto, you can look at our crypto snapshot guide.

Whether you want to store all the files for checking your competitors' progress or gather legal data, crypto snapshots can be helpful. In addition, having good snapshots at all times can help you share business ideas with partners and let you keep track of your portfolio.


Screenshots can be a useful tool to track all your coin launches and investments. Stillio provides an effective automation tool so that your main focus is only on your business. At the same time, Stillio takes care of your monitoring needs.

The entire process will get much easier if you keep track of all your important screenshots and documents. Stillio's crypto snapshot guide will help you out immensely. If you have any questions, feel free to book a free demo!

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