Add value to your agency with website screenshots

Screenshots can be a fantastic addition to the bouquet of brand management services that an agency could offer its clients.

Add value to your agency with website screenshots

The growing landscape of digital agencies, marketing agencies and brand management agencies is promising but very competitive. A fact that’s common to all these types of agencies is a constant thought of how to add more value to their offerings and up their game in the market so that they crack the agency selection criteria.

Hence, the question arises how you could contribute higher to your clients’ brand and success and that too without investing a substantial amount of time in it.

A quick answer to that is: Screenshot. Screenshots can be a fantastic addition to the bouquet of brand management services that an agency could offer their clients. And Stillio, which is a screen capture tool for projects could be of immense help.

Now, let’s see how your agency as a brand manager or a digital marketeer can leverage screen capture tools for building brand equity and offer bountiful value to your clients' brand identity.

Keep track of website changes

Landing pages are the gateways for welcoming potential customers on a website. Consequently, a lot depends on the landing pages that decide whether the potential customers will stick with the website and convert or not. Hence, a constant observation of all key landing pages on the website is quintessential to identify which ones can engage the users versus which ones can’t.

Systematically capture screenshots of key landing pages at regular intervals

However, there can be several landing pages depending on various campaigns or objectives and monitoring all of those manually could be a tedious task. That’s where Stillio could support you to capture website screenshots periodically of all those pages for you to monitor and automatically manage the archive for you. Based on your observations, you can share actionable recommendations to your clients to improve their conversions and contribute towards your clients’ brand management.

Set a higher capture frequency for pages that changes quite often

Changes on certain pages on a website can happen frequently than other pages owing to reasons such as active dynamic content and discounted sales etc. And changes on such pages and brand assets can be complex and time-consuming to track. The brand management software of Stillio can set a higher capture frequency for you that will capture screenshots of those pages more often than any other pages on the website and that too without much intervention from your side.

Archive pages with ads for verification

You could also employ a brand manager tool for projects like Stillio to capture screenshots of pages with ads. This way, you can verify the ads and brand assets being displayed on those pages for your clients.

Archive social media pages of your clients

As a digital marketeer or an agency owner you would acknowledge that nowadays every aspiring business must be present across multiple social platforms considering that’s where the potential customers are.

Therefore, you must keep monitoring all such channels. This will help you gauge several marketing aspects regarding the posts and the activity such as engagement level, reactions, comments and shares etc. based on which you can recommend the best content type to your clients. And yes, it is a humongous effort that can be drastically reduced by leveraging automatic screenshot capture tools such as Stillio. This is one of the best use cases for using screenshots as a means of tracking changes on webpages.

Send a monthly zip of all screenshots to your client to archive

Further in terms of reporting as brand manager, you might also need to share a monthly report to your clients regarding all the above points and that would be an immensely high volume of details if you’re going to do it in the traditional way. Hence, screenshots would be of enormous help in terms of capturing records with different data types such as image, text, reactions, or gestures etc.

Monitor and report on competitors’ activities

The growing business ecosystem can be quick to produce a competitor that you might not be aware of and this information translates to one of the responsibilities an agency has towards the clients and their brand strategy to bring this to their cognizance. Tracking all those competitors within the client’s business automatically using screenshot as a medium can prove time-effective and advantageous as well.

Capture key landing pages of competitors

Another good way of monitoring a competitor's campaign is to track the embedded destination URL. You would be able to follow their design principles and their strategies of customer acquisition via the campaign including the page aesthetics and CTAs. This information could also be better captured using a screen capture tool for projects where you could just feed the URLs to start recording snaps automatically at your chosen frequency.

Capture social media channels of competitors

In addition to the above point, even capturing various social media channels of competitors can also expose a plethora of information about their content and marketing campaigns and brand management that can be improved to re-purpose for your client’s success. A screenshot capture tool like Stillio could also support in strategic brand management.

Perform a competitive analysis between client and competitor and provide reports

A competitive SWOT analysis is an effective method to learn about competitors and their brand reputation. It guides in addressing areas of improvement and opportunities for any business to grow. Using screenshot images as a reference while illustrating the competitor branding to your clients would probably add more value to the discussion as it would be easier for them to relate and infer. Even a recurring competitor report using screenshots would be convenient to track the brand consistency happening from the competitor’s side.

Keep track of SERPs

Identify top keywords for the client

Any digital agency owner or a digital marketer would agree to the importance of the SERPs. A basic requirement for any website to rank on the SERP is to be able to identify the right set of relevant keywords to the business and brand development. And this could be done better by capturing the keywords for which the competitors are ranking higher on the SERP. Based on this you could provide your clients with a list of keywords that they need to work upon to improve their rankings and value proposition.

Schedule periodic screenshots for SERP URLs

With Stillio, you could also feed the SERP URLs with varying parameters like keywords to the tool and it could capture screenshots at intervals/frequency chosen by you automatically without any effort from your end. Monitoring this would benefit you to interpret how and when the rankings of websites for a specific keyword are changing. You could then share your findings with your clients and update them on competitors that are targeting similar keywords.

Track client’s SERP ranking and position for targeted keywords

As a digital marketeer, you need to keep tracking your client’s SERP ranking and position for relevant keywords regularly. Doing it manually will consume a significant chunk of your working hours. With Stillio, you can configure those SERP URLs within the tool to capture those screenshots automatically while you focus on other important deliverables.

Compare ranking between client and competitors for same keywords

In addition to the competitor analysis, you could go one level deeper in comparing performances between your client and its competitors for every single keyword in a side-by-side view. With the support of screen capture tools for projects such as Stillio, you can preserve digital proof of such comparisons and serve your clients to identify gaps in their strategic thinking to promote their ranking and overall performance against their competitors.

Additional Tip: While using Stillio, you could also modify the SERP URL to increase the number of results by adding the ‘num’ parameter to the end of the URL. As a result, you’ll have a screenshot with a better overall view for all ranking pages.

Putting all these efforts to monitor, analyze and improve your client’s brand equity by capturing several screenshots on varying data points will exhibit the level of engagement and dedication you have towards client success strategies.

Providing such data-oriented screenshots as a brand management service will be an additional offering to your existing bouquet of services to your clients that’d barely go unnoticed. Happy serving!

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