Custom Locations: Bring Your Own Proxy (BYOP)

Are your screenshots getting blocked by firewalls? Want to capture pages that can only be accessed from specific IP addresses? Here's how to deal with that!

Custom Locations: Bring Your Own Proxy (BYOP)

Imagine you want to capture a popular website, and you're unpleasantly surprised with a screenshot telling you that you've been denied access to the page? This may happen at websites with a strong firewall that doesn't like bots and crawlers.

Often, the firewall decides who (not) to allow, based on IP addresses. And if it detects the visitor originates from a big Data Center instead of an office or residential network, it may block you from viewing the page. Did this happen to you? We now have a new feature to deal with this: Custom Locations - Bring Your Own Proxy (BYOP). This means that you can use other IP addresses to capture screenshots and bypass our standard "Data Center" IPs.

What you need is a proxy server or proxy service and add this to your account. For details on how to get started, see our Guide.

Starting at $29/m

Start capturing website screenshots automatically and save a lot of grunt work. You'll be set up in minutes. No credit card required. Check our pricing plans.