Streamline Web Design/Development Using Screenshots

Screenshots help a lot in streamlining the web designing and development process. It’s hardly doable to illustrate every concept but screenshots help! Whether you want to share your information with your client or squad, screenshots make your life way easier.

Streamline Web Design/Development Using Screenshots

The whole process of developing a website involves a lot of steps. Sometimes, it may get harder to keep up with the changes you have done in a design especially when a client asks for a particular feature or an aspect of the design which you have changed a few days back. In such cases along with many other, documentation via screenshots comes in handy.

When we talk about documentation or web archives of the web designing process, one may question how many screenshots will suffice to ensure every step is properly covered. The answer to such question is simple. You may need a screenshot of every step or you may not need even a single one. It is true that an image can be worth a thousand words but that does not mean that it will always come in handy or it is always necessary.

Define Complex Concepts

Documentation can help you in defining complex concepts in an easier illustrated way. If at any given point you feel that the description you have added for a concept looks like gibberish content for the layman, you can reference a few screenshots and make it much simpler for the client to understand.


There are many moments in the designing process where a client can suddenly ask you to show the concept which he has rejected before. Many designers often discard the rejected concepts to save space and in such cases, it can be a little annoying to recall what all have been rejected. You can take screenshots and keep the record so that if you want to go back to any step, you can easily do that.

Client’s Understanding of Technology

Not all clients are tech savvy or well versed even in the English language. It may get hard for them to understand what you want to describe. They can simply reject a well-executed design just because you are unable to explain its features. With the help of screenshots, you can showcase the step by step processes which a particular design is capable of.

Importance of Automation

In today’s time, efficiency is important. You cannot just go ahead and spend time exclusively on the screenshots. This is why it is important to automate the process of screenshots. Stillio allows you to automate screenshots at a particular interval.


You know what the best thing about screenshots is? They are super easy, simple to use yet powerful. Screenshots offer great insights into the journey of designing and developing websites, from the start until the moment it goes live. When your development and staging website is accessible online for your client, Stillio can take care of automated screenshots for you on a daily or weekly basis. This gives both you and your client peace of heart that all steps and changes are visually documented during the whole process.

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