6 Ways to Improve Your Business with Automatic Screenshots

Websites of your organization and competitors change all the time. So how do you stay informed about everything that’s happening? Stillio to the rescue!

6 Ways to Improve Your Business with Automatic Screenshots

6 things automatic screenshots can do for you

  • Brand management
  • Competition tracking
  • Content verification
  • Trend tracking
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Website compliance


Websites and social media channels change all the time. This triggers companies that their websites and social media channels are part of their cultural heritage. That’s why companies search for solutions that make it easy to capture websites and social media channels. For example by taking daily screenshots of their online channels.


Online shops battle for new customers every day. Trying to outperform competitors by offering promotions and optimizing their websites. To stay ahead you must know exactly what your competitors do. But it’s time consuming to follow everything. Daily screenshots of key webpages and social media channels make it easy to track what your competitors do.


Online publishers monitize websites and social media channels by displaying ads and sponsored content. Sponsors expect proper publication of their ads and sponsored content. But proving that something was published on a specific date is challenging. Daily screenshots of key webpages make it easy to verify proper publication.


The web changes every day. Sometimes very fast, sometimes more slowly. Tracking these changes over time delivers great insights. Track your Alexa ranking, Tripadvisor ranking, game leaderboards, website performance, number of Facebook followers, etc. etc. Daily screenshots track these changes automatically.


Search engine results are not a simple listing anymore. Search engines display all kinds of information like paid ads, maps, listings, products, show times, stock quotes, etc. This influences visibility and click-through-rates of website listings. Only looking at rankings won’t tell you the whole story. Daily screenshots track your keywords visually and help stay on top of your SEO and search engine marketing.


Websites and social media channels are considered official publications that organisations can be held accountable for. It’s important to be able to show what was published on your websites and social media channels to comply with regulations. Daily screenshots of key webpages assist in complying with regulations and protecting your company legally.

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