Capture screenshots every hour, day, week or month

There are lots of use cases for capturing website screenshots. But not all use cases need the same screenshot frequency. In some cases you might want to take a screenshot every 5 minutes and in other cases just once a day, or even once a month. This is why Stillio provides flexible frequency setting.

Capture screenshots every hour, day, week or month

From once a minute to once a year

The flexible screenshot setting let's you decide how often a screenshot for a webpage is captured. You can capture screenshots as often as every minute, or only once every 12 months and everything in between. The most used settings are once a day for webpages that change on a daily basis and once a week for webpages that do not change that often.

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This is how it works

When you add a new webpage to Stillio you can specify exactly how the screenshot should be taken. One of the settings is the 'Scheduling' option. You can set the 'frequency' and the 'frequency unit'. When you set the frequency to 1 and the frequency unit to days, a screenshot will be taken once a day. When you set the frequency to 2 and the frequency unit to weeks, a screenshot is taken every 2 weeks.

Setting the screenshot frequency will change the number of screenshots that are captured in a month. When you capture a screenshot once a day, this will result in about 30 screenshots a month. Setting the frequency to once an hour generates around 720 screenshots a month.

Starting at $29/m

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