Automate your screenshot workflow with Zapier

Connect Stillio with Zapier and automate your workflow. Unlock the potential of our Webhook and sync your screenshots automatically to Box, OneDrive, Amazon S3, and more.

Automate your screenshot workflow with Zapier

The long-awaited integration with Zapier is here! 🚀 Stillio screenshots and capture data can now be shared and integrated with 100+ Apps, allowing you to save screenshots on a wide range of cloud providers. We already offered a native integration with Dropbox and Google Drive, but you can now fully customize where you want to store your screenshots, how you want to name them and whom to share it with. You can even use the power of Zapier to change our native PNG file format to PDF and distribute it by email.

Save screenshots with Zapier

These often requested cloud providers to sync screenshots to are now accessible with Zapier:

  1. Box
  2. Microsoft OneDrive
  3. Amazon AWS S3


Box, Inc. (formerly is one of the first cloud storage providers on the web. Through Zapier they offer various tasks like saving images. This makes it possible to automatically sync the screenshots you captured with Stillio to Box. For details, see our guide on how to sync screenshots to Box.


OneDrive is the file storage cloud provider of Microsoft. For companies that strongly rely on the integration with Office Online and other Microsoft services, this might be the integration of choice. A walkthrough on how to set up this connection is available in our guide on how to sync screenshot to OneDrive.


Amazon offers a very popular cloud-based Simple Storage Solution called S3. Though it may be a bit more complex to set up due to the enhanced user roles and restriction model, it's an attractive solution. It's low priced, flexible, extendible and virtually unlimited in capacity. To integrate with Stillio, see sync screenshots to S3.

Zapier considerations

Though you don't have to spend money on Zapier as they also offer a free account, their paid subscriptions have attractive benefits. Because only then you can create multi-step zaps allowing you to do a number of actions in a row for each screenshot, like renaming each screenshot file with a naming pattern that works best for you.

Go Pro Without Zapier

If you've got the skills to code and create a custom solution, you don't need Zapier at all! You can also use our Webhook directly and create any workflow you prefer with any system that's available for you to hook onto.

Starting at $29/m

Start capturing website screenshots automatically and save a lot of grunt work. You'll be set up in minutes. No credit card required. Check our pricing plans.