5 Tips to Make The Most of your Screenshot Archive Settings

Archiving your web pages with Stillio screenshots is as easy as possible. We'll help you get it up and running smoothly if you need further help too.

5 Tips to Make The Most of your Screenshot Archive Settings

Best is to start by using all default settings when you add your first few URLs. Based on the resulting screenshots in your account you may want to go a step further.

Besides optimizing your settings, these 5 tips will help you get the most from your Stillio account:

Save website screenshots to your Cloud account

Already have a Dropbox or Google Drive account? Great! We can automatically save your web page screenshots to your cloud account. They’ll be accessible on your devices just seconds after the screenshot has been taken! With your own local screenshot archive, you are free and flexible to choose any type of long time storage you prefer. Check our easy guide on how to sync automatically to Dropbox, Google Drive or many other accounts with Zapier.

Email screenshot notifications

Nobody likes getting flooded by email, but if you have a small number of URLs to capture at a low-frequency interval (e.g. once a day or weekly) you might want to receive an email with your web page screenshots.

Stillio API to customize screenshot archive

Want to integrate Stillio screenshots and thumbs into your own applications? Simply use our API to fetch JSON data containing your URLs, screenshots, and thumbnails. Read the Stillio API docs to get started.

Tags & Titles

Long and lookalike URLs can be confusing. You can set custom titles to sanitize names for easy reading. By grouping URLs, you can simplify management and keep a clear overview. You can group your web pages by setting Tags.

Go Pro

All previous tips can be used during your free trial. When you sign up for one of our subscription plans, you get 2 awesome features extra: Flexible Scheduling and Batch Uploads.

Flexible Scheduling means that you can select any frequency to capture web page screenshots, so not just daily screenshots. With our Top Shot plan you can set any desired interval, ranging from every 5 minutes to once every 5 years. Popular choices are: Every hour, every 8 hours, once a day, every other day, once a week, biweekly and monthly. But feel free to select what’s best for you!

Batch Uploads means that you can add a multiple URLs at once, which will have the same settings. Example: You can (copy and) paste 40 web page URLs at once, all scheduled to be captured once every week. By setting tags during Batch Upload you can group them all together.

Starting at $29/m

Start capturing website screenshots automatically and save a lot of grunt work. You'll be set up in minutes. No credit card required. Check our pricing plans.