Archive, share and use screenshots easily with Dropbox Sync

We are happy to announce that Dropbox synchronization is available for all Stillio users. You can now save all screenshots automatically to your Dropbox account. Making it very easy to archive screenshots indefinitely, share them with co-workers and use them in other applications.

Archive, share and use screenshots easily with Dropbox Sync

Stillio is the goto solution for automatic website screenshots. With Stillio you can capture, archive and share website screenshots easily. But online storage was limited and downloading archives could be time consuming. That's why we introduce Dropbox synchronization. With Dropbox synchronization every screenshot is saved automatically to your Dropbox account.

The screenshots are stored as pixel perfect images at the original size. No compression or cropping. High quality screenshots that you can use immediately and store forever.

Setting up Dropbox synchronization is easy

Step 1 Connect with Dropbox

Go to the settings page in your Stillio account and enable Dropbox synchronization. This will grant Stillio access to a dedicated folder in your Dropbox account. No worries, we only have access to this folder and can't see or change the contents of other Dropbox folders!

Step 2 Select urls

Select the urls from which the screenshots have to be saved to Dropbox. That's all.

From now on all screenshots will be saved to Dropbox as well. The screenshots are stored in a separate folder for each domain, with logical file names. That makes it very easy to find a screenshot for a specific url and date.

Check out the support pages for detailed information about setting up Dropbox synchronization.

Receive email notifications for new screenshots

One more thing. With this release it's also possible to receive an email when a new screenshot is captured. So you don't have to login to see the latest screenshot. Just check your email and know what's changed. And you can download the screenshot from the email as well. Go to the settings of a url and tick the "email notifications" checkbox.

We think Dropbox synchronization and email notifications will improve your Stillio experience a lot. Login to your account and discover how easy it is to capture, share and use website screenshots with Stillio.

Starting at $29/m

Start capturing website screenshots automatically and save a lot of grunt work. You'll be set up in minutes. No credit card required. Check our pricing plans.