Full Page Screenshots and Customizing Screenshot Height

A lot of webpages are longer than what fits on a screen. In most situations, you want to capture the whole page and not only what’s visible “above the fold”. The Stillio screenshot machine now captures full-size screenshots by default and allows you to set a custom height.

Full Page Screenshots and Customizing Screenshot Height

Full height screenshots by default

When you add a url to Stillio the default setting is “full height”. For existing urls the height is set to the previous setting of 2048 pixels. You can change the screenshot height manually to start capturing existing screenshots at full height.


Follow these steps to customise the screenshot height setting:

  • Login to stillio and select the url you want to change the height of
  • Click “Change preferences”
  • There’s a “Screenshot height” option
  • Select the preferred height and save your settings
  • Done! The next screenshot will be taken with the new height settings.

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