Stillio for your industry

How automated screenshots help your organization save time

Construction & Real Estate

Looking to streamline your projects and avoid legal complications? Build a solid digital foundation for your business, one screenshot at a time.

Entertainment & Sports

Keep your focus on entertaining crowds while Stillio handles screen capturing for your business.

Travel & Transportation

Stay grounded while moving others. Leverage the power of data from web pages stored for your business automatically.

Education & Research

Track websites for research and academic communication objectives safely and automatically.

Non Profit & Government

Governments and non-profits have the power to transform society. It’s time to save resources for work your community depends on.


Meet Stillio, a sure-fire way to keep your healthcare shop or practice safe from litigation and compliance violations.

Finance & Crypto

Stay on top of the game: monitor markets, balances, and transactions effortlessly.

IT & Software

Run your IT or telecommunication services firm on clear, neatly stored valuable data.

News, Media & Publishing

In the world of news and media, context is king, and relevance is in the eye of the beholder. Capture what happens online, and keep the competitive edge.

Retail & E-commerce

In the world of commerce, there are no small players. Dream big and elevate your business by preserving its digital heritage today.

Marketing & Advertising

To get you where you want to be, you must understand where you are. Grow your advertising business and keep competitors at bay more easily than ever.


Comply with regulations, prepare for IP claims, and handle content verification in just a few clicks.

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