Ability Commerce

Ability Commerce: Stillio helps us monitor and improve promotions we create all year round.

The Challenge

How could Ability Commerce track various promotions they create for their clients more thoroughly, especially during Black Friday and Christmas?

The Solution

Stillio helps the team capture and archive every home page version, making the snapshots accessible for later viewing. The Ability Commerce team can now rely on Stillio to keep precise track of all their promotions.

The Results

Since they don’t have to depend on memorizing changes anymore, they get more accurate results to base their new strategies on. What once had to be remembered or meticulously written down now gets done automatically.

About Ability Commerce

Ability Commerce is a leading provider of design and development solutions that helps a broad range of retail businesses increase revenue, reduce overhead, and engage with their customers. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Ability Commerce is a provider of the Microsoft Dynamics GP, and its wide offer of software solutions includes Ability CCS and the SmartSite e-commerce platform.

Years of working on various promotions for a great number of clients made the AbilityCommerce team the seasoned experts they are today. However, keeping track of all the promotions they created during this time started to feel more and more like an unrealistic task that calls for an automated solution.

“The biggest challenge was to remember certain home page promotions used across various sites in past years, especially the ones we created around Black Friday and Christmas. Stillio makes it easy for our entire team to see what we did from year to year and plan how to make it better for our clients”
- Christopher Monti, Graphic Designer at Ability Commerce

By using a service that automatically takes snapshots of all important pages and stores them in one place, the team can improve their productivity even further. As the archived screenshots offer an accurate overview of promotions that have been created in the past, the Ability Commerce team can now design new, alternative versions that will bring even more value to their clients.

“Automated screenshots are the best! I never really thought to use a service like this, but it has been god sent in many ways. Stillio makes it easy to screenshot and catalog our sites’ home pages without me ever having to do a thing except download the images once a month, which takes only a few moments”
- Christopher Monti, Graphic Designer at Ability Commerce

With Stillio, the team no longer needs to waste time trying to remember different website versions. With all of the promotions from recent years neatly stored and available at any moment, the team is ready to move on to new business challenges that lie ahead.

Because retail businesses are becoming more competitive each year, knowing how to improve your Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday season promotions is becoming more important than ever before. Let Stillio keep an accurate record of your efforts, and your business will never fall behind.

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