Stillio helps Prepr, the headless CMS solution, stay competitive by automatically monitoring the market.

The Challenge

How can we constantly stay up to date with competitor pricing and product updates?

The Solution

Automating competitor website screenshots with Sitllio gathers all the information needed to track their activity.

The Results

Reliable and updated competitor analysis for better decision-making.

About Prepr

Prepr is a renowned, headless CMS that empowers many online businesses and brands. Prepr not only allows you to manage and publish your content online - something you can do with every headless CMS - but also allows you to personalize your content to create better customer experiences that engage more and increase conversions. They work with different industries, from automotive to broadcasting, and the solution is compatible with a variety of coding languages.

In the SaaS industry, however, having a great product isn’t enough. The market is overcrowded with many different brands and products that suit all needs, and users become overwhelmed with choice. So how do you stand out from the crowd? 

The first step is to always watch what others are doing, and think about how you can make it better. This is exactly how Prepr found Stillio—and automated screenshots.

A big brother watching over your competitors

According to Prepr’s marketing team, the company had no reliable way to track competitors except by hand. But manually checking every competitor page, social media profile, and product ranking can get tedious.

Prepr knew there had to be a way to simplify the process, and they came into screenshots along the way. With Stillio, they set automatic captures of competitor websites, and get these images saved directly into their account. Now, the team checks their screenshot collection every two weeks to analyze if there have been any competitor changes in price or new releases… like a time capsule of competitor moves!

“We can accurately track pricing changes and use that information regularly to ensure our pricing stays competitive. Also we keep track of value propositions and features to ensure our key differentiators are still ok and we meet expected requirements.”
— Bernard Jan, CXO of Prepr

Prepr went from skipping the competitor analysis process because of the effort it took, to gaining more insight into their competitors and looking into this information more frequently.

You too can keep an eye on competitor activity without the manual work! Stay up to date with all changes using Stillio’s automated screenshots.

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