La Senza

La Senza chooses Stillio, the best time-saving solution for tracking important website changes

The Challenge

How could we keep track of relevant changes made in La Senza’s key webpages and online promotions in a transparent way that saves personnel time and energy?

The Solution

Collecting information using Stillio service helps track La Senza’s website performance and facilitates marketing strategy planning. The management team gets up-to-date, neatly archived insights into important changes made in website page designs and layouts.

The Results

La Senza’s management team can now quickly access and analyze different stages of vital creative processes, thus getting a more precise understanding of the company website’s performance and the changes in websites belonging to major competitors.

About La Senza

The La Senza Corporation is a fashion retailer and brand that sells women’s lingerie, intimate apparel, daywear, and accessories. Its first official store opened in Canada in 1990, and since then, the brand has achieved global recognition and success. As of 2019, La Senza employs over 2,000 associates worldwide, running 130 company-owned stores in the US and Canada and 187 stores in 36 countries across Latin America, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Achieving and maintaining success in a highly competitive marketplace is a challenge for every retail brand, whether they deal with fashion items, electronics, furniture, or any other consumer-oriented products. It was no different for La Senza, and its marketing team quickly realized the pressing need for a system able to track and collect crucial website changes automatically. They began searching for a quick and easy way to archive and share their insights while saving precious time and energy – and then they discovered Stillio.

“Stillio was an affordable service requiring very little effort to set up. The Stillio team was also able to capture screenshots from various countries around the world, as well as other options that distinguished them from the competition.”
- Tim Martin, Web Operations Manager at La Senza

The benefits of using the Stillio automated screenshot service became apparent very quickly. The system saved the 10-person marketing team several valuable hours per week, providing results that could be analyzed to assess and improve website responsiveness and performance, track important design modifications, and plan the upcoming marketing and advertising strategies.

“Capturing our creative changes and homepage updates was a very manual process. With Stillio, everything is completely automated and systematically archived, so the whole team knows where to go to check a previous homepage version. We are also able to log changes on certain competitor's homepages.”
- Tim Martin, Web Operations Manager at La Senza

La Senza team now has all the information they need to improve inner processes and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Valuable insights that once took a lot of time and effort to collect are now systematically obtained and stored within their reach anytime, anywhere.

Stillio helps your retail business keep track of important changes on websites that belong to you and your competitors while saving precious company resources. Learn more about how Stillio works and in which way it helps to scale and improve your business.

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