My Sales Butler

MySalesButler uses Stillio to protect their intellectual property against unfair use.

The Challenge

How can we ensure clients aren’t using the materials we produce for them before they’re allowed to?

The Solution

By capturing client websites with Stillio, they can be easily monitored for unfair creative usage.

The Results

Ease of mind that there will always be evidence if required, and saving time in the process with automation.

About MySalesButler

MySalesButler (MSB) is a branding,communications, and technical executions agency dedicated to the outdoor recreation business. MSB offers brand positioning services, as well as roadmap assessment, production, and implementation.  

As a company producing and selling creative assets, the borders of intellectual property must be carefully monitored, and MSB has been a witness of its importance.

We had a client who was on 50% up front, 50% upon acceptance. We delivered a new site design and new content, both images and text. They then shut us out of the dev site, resources, and became unresponsive. After several days, they communicated that they would not be paying us the remaining balance. We needed a way to monitor their site to ensure that they were not using the delivered intellectual property without paying for it.”
- Dan, CTO & Founder of MySalesButler

Imagine working for months on a design project that will be showcased to a large audience in the niche you’re focused on, for it to be published and get no credit for it? These are situations that can happen, but one never imagines that it will be the case for you.

Prompted with this scenario, MSB realized they needed a procedure in place to check whether their creative work was being used without having been paid in full yet. They could monitor these events manually, by going on clients’ sites and running a quick audit, but time isn’t always an available resource.

With Stillio, MSB was able to set automatic captures of this particular client’s site and get them delivered daily to their email. This way, they could keep an eye on website updates made by the company, and then check if any of their assets was being used without full permission. 

This became a set it and then check email each day to view the daily screenshot. When changes were made, the ability to go on the site and see the day-by-day progressions was invaluable. As were the legal-action-ready timestamp watermarks, should the situation warrant.”
- Dan, CTO & Founder of MySalesButler

The process of automating screenshots with Stillio finally allowed MSB to realize the customer did release an updated website, but without using their intellectual property. They could now move on knowing there was no unauthorized use of their work, and they have a new easy and fast procedure already in place to avoid these issues in the future.

Rest assured that your work is only being used with your permission, without wasting time in the process. With Stillio’s set-it-and-forget-it features, you can automate captures for the websites you need to keep an eye on!

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