Forbes Books

Stillio helps Forbes Books stay up to date with book rankings on Amazon, without wasting time in the process.

The Challenge

How can we keep constant track of our products’ performance in marketplaces?

The Solution

Setting automated captures of the most important rankings with Stillio.

The Results

Getting rid of manual monitoring, allowing the team to focus on book campaigns and marketing.

About Forbes Books

Forbes Books is the official book publishing division of the well-known Forbes Media and Forbes Magazine. They help business leaders in the development, distribution, and marketing of their books, providing global visibility with the support of their strong brand.

Now, with great power comes great responsibility. Forbes Books has helped over 2,000 professionals publish their work, and besides the efforts that come with marketing the book, there’s a need to keep an eye on post-launch performance.

The teams behind the book campaigns put effort into monitoring their impact–most notably on the Amazon Best Sellers ranking, which they describe as “a valuable marketing tool for our authors, to establish their authority and to organic trigger promotion and visibility from Amazon’s product recommendation algorithm.”

However, this ranking does not offer the option to see performance from previous moments in time, which led to teams having to check Amazon rankings manually, often multiple times throughout the day over the course of an active campaign. Though it may look easy, rutinary tasks like these can take up lots of time off other initiatives, and when relying on our own memories to check resources constantly, there’s a risk of missing information.

How does Stillio come into the picture?

With rankings representing a huge part of book performance analysis, Forbes Books decided there had to be a way of making the task easier for their teams. That’s how they found Stillio.

Forbes Books can now set automatic captures of the Amazon Best Sellers Ranking at the interval they need, and get notified when the information is ready for their review. Screenshots are also saved into their account, so they can check their rankings whenever they prefer.

“No more manually checking Amazon rankings throughout the day, evenings, and weekends. My team isn't tasked with monitoring during their personal time and PTO to capture the impact of their promotional efforts. It lets them focus on campaign coordination and exploring new marketing opportunities for our books as opposed to refreshing Amazon.”

- Corrin Foster, Sr. Director of Book Marketing & Promotions

Although the biggest and most immediate advantage of using Stillio has been taking manual load off teams, Forbes Books has also leveraged screenshots to learn how to time their initiatives to impact the Amazon rankings at optimal times. In addition, the company saves screenshots as proof of bestseller achievement and shares them with their authors.

At Stillio, we’re aware of our features and benefits, but it’s always a pleasure to see clients learning about themselves and their product through the automation experience.

Take time off the manual work and focus on what your business and clients really need. Let automated screenshots with Stillio handle the heavy load for you!

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