Dot Automotive

How do industry champions monitor their competition? Dot Automotive chose Stillio.

The Challenge

How could a global enterprise keep a close eye on its business rivals to ensure unimpeded progress in the highly competitive automotive industry?

The Solution

Stillio automated system helps to create a vast, accessible database of website snapshots. Instead of having to pull an all-nighter to manually capture screenshots of important pages, the team can now finally get some rest while Stillio does its thing.

The Results

Dot Automotive is now ready to shift up a gear. Stillio helps the team monitor the competition and quickly adapt to stay ahead. In the race to the finish line, DotAutomotive becomes an even tougher force to be reckoned with.

About Dot Automotive Inc.

Dot Automotive is an industry leader in digital marketing, financial, retail, and wholesale solutions for automotive consumers, dealers, and manufacturers worldwide.

The company owns a number of popular brands and boasts over 34,000 team members in more than 200 locations worldwide, attracting more than 14 million qualified buyers each month.

For a business that collaborates with more than 40,000 auto dealers around the world, every minute is an irretrievable investment that must amount to something. In this context, spending hours on repetitive actions, no matter how important they are, is a highly inefficient way to spend company resources. That's why switching to Stillio automated service meant an instant increase in efficiency for the Dot Automotive product development team.

"Before Stillio, we had to stay awake all night to take frequent snapshots of our competitors' websites to see when they updated. It was a real pain! Stillio, on the other hand, took scheduled automated screenshots and stored them for later viewing. It fit our needs perfectly.”
- Burt, Product Development Director at Dot Automotive

With the help provided by Stillio, the team was finally able to track and analyze frequent changes on competitors' websites automatically. The time they saved by using our screenshot capturing service can now be invested in planning future business strategies and keeping the competition at bay.

"Automated screenshots enable us to easily monitor our website and the websites of our competitors to find out who publishes updates more often. We collect the snapshots all night and analyze them the next day. This allows us to measure updating frequencies on competitors' websites very accurately.”
- Burt, Product Development Director at Dot Automotive

Now that keeping track of elusive modifications on competitors' websites is done precisely and effortlessly, Dot Automotive can go the extra mile to do what really matters: Transforming the way the world buys, sells, owns, and uses cars.

Running a global enterprise means being capable of keeping many balls in the air at once. When 24 hours start to feel too short for a day, it's time to delegate tedious everyday tasks. Spend your time more meaningfully, and let Stillio keep track of the competition.

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