AGEA/ chooses Stillio: Saving the competitive edge with minute-by minute publishing comparisons

The Challenge

How can the newspaper publisher, Arte Gráfico Editorial Argentino (AGEA), get precise and timely updates about their competitors’ publishing activity in Argentina to improve their work constantly?

The Solution

Stillio’s network offers a great number of native IP addresses around the world. Their data centers in Argentina are what AGEA needs to keep track of their challengers’ behavior.

The Results

The AGEA marketing team can now make minute-by-minute comparisons between its website and its competitors. The acquired data can later be interpreted and shared with teams of journalists to help design more impactful publishing strategies.

About AGEA

Arte Gráfico Editorial Argentino renowned publishing company, the largest newspaper in Argentina, and part of Grupo Clarín. AGEA is still the news site with the highest market share in Argentina with 19 million unique visitors and more than 400 million page views per month.

In the ambitious media industry, all news quickly becomes old news. This is why staying in touch with your competitors’ actions and taking on different events in the country, and the world is essential for any publishing company worth its salt. Keeping track of their competition is a serious and vital process for newspaper publishers like AGEA. They were looking for a screenshot-capturing system able to meet their focal demands, and then they found Stillio.

“Stillio gave us a solution that adapted to our main requirements: frequency and GEO-IP locations. It enabled us to see the behavior of our competitors and the way they communicate the news. We now review and analyze all screenshots, sharing the findings with teams of journalists in detailed reports.”
- Mariano Basilico, Digital Marketing Manager at AGEA

For many businesses that, like AGEA, aim to keep track of their competitors by taking frequent screenshots of their publishing behavior online, GEO-IP restrictions can represent a major obstacle and even a devastating problem. Luckily, this inconvenience can be bypassed with Stillio, as it boasts native IP addresses in 15 countries around the world (and counting).

“Using Stillio helped us obtain a lot of information and allowed us to compare our website with our competitors, minute by minute. Using other similar tools in the past didn't cover our needs. Stillio adapted to our requirements very quickly, simplifying the development process and saving time.”
- Mariano Basilico, Digital Marketing Manager at AGEA

In this time and day, the “knowledge is power” motto is more important than ever before in human history. For the AGEA marketing team, having a clear understanding of what, how, where, and when their competitors publish helps them make better decisions and stay on top in the industry.

Thousands of businesses are open around the world each day. Knowing what your competitors around the globe are up to at every moment can make it or break it for your enterprise. Stillio is here to help you keep an eye on your challengers and always stay one step ahead of them all.

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