For Studyportals, Stillio provides valuable insights on SERP keyword performance in multiple geo-locations. We help take away the tedious jobs from their hands.

The Challenge

How can Studyportals effectively keep track of the Google SERP for its top keywords over time and gain this insight from multiple locations in the world? Also, how can it monitor the rankings of its competitors on the same search engine result page?

The Solution

Stillio helps the Studyportals team by taking a tedious, time-consuming job out of their hands. Building an archive of screenshots of Google SERP pages from multiple geo-locations is now done completely automatically, at a daily interval, diminishing the possibility of any error.

The Results

Studyportals lead generation specialists can now finally get a clear overview of the results of their SEO-related work. Comparing results and locating important moments in time is now done quickly and effortlessly.

About Studyportals

Studyportals is the global study choice platform working hard to ensure transparency to young minds planning their academic futures. In 2019 alone, the platform helped 36 million students from all over the world explore study programs through over 200,000 courses at 3,750+ educational institutes across 110 countries.

As Studyportals operates six international Study Abroad Portals, keeping a close eye on their SEO rankings is one of its top priorities. However, this proved to be far from an easy task. Capturing screenshots, storing, and comparing the important SERPs manually used to take a lot of time and concentration. All that changed when the Studyportals team started using Stillio.

“You only get one chance at making a first impression, and, equally important, at understanding how your competitors are perceived on the same page. That’s why Studyportals needed an automated service - able to capture and store important screenshots -  ridding us of this tedious and error-prone job. We wanted to have a clear overview of how a specific SERP looks in time without building our own integration for it.”
- Chris van Baal, Lead Growth Hacker at Studyportals

Stillio helps Studyportals to easily store and group screenshots in a way that makes it easier to compare and oversee the differences between them. Furthermore, it assists Studyportals in recognizing all the exact moments when changes in their ratings happen, even in multiple locations. For identifying crucial events, such as the time when the platform received a star rating snippet, daily screenshots aided the Studyportal team to stay on top of the situation when it comes to their SEO efforts.

“Our team develops so many features; it’s difficult to keep track of everything, especially when it comes to SEO: It can take days, weeks, or even months until Google picks things up. Our main goal was to see how a Google SERP for our top keywords would evolve in time, perceived from different locations. Now Stillio saves us a lot of time and helps avoid the ‘I think so’ and ‘I don’t remember anymore’ discussions.”
- Chris van Baal, Lead Growth Hacker at Studyportals

With Stillio, Studyportals is now equipped with a highly effective digital tool they use on a daily basis without breaking a sweat. As their SEO rankings are now easy to track and compare, they can dedicate time to creating and testing new practices that can take the website even further.

Just as it supports Studyportals and numerous other enterprises, Stillio can help your business stay one step ahead of the competition when it comes to ranking for specific keywords on Google. Let us do the heavy lifting and save precious time and energy for other important tasks.

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